Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 10 Guide

Stage Enemies

Guardian Shadow Enemies

Guardian Shadow Attacks

This version of the Guardian Shadow is similar to the variant you fought in Stage 8 and can be dealt with similarly. Start off the encounter by bursting down the Everwinter Shadewalker down to prevent him from delaying your actions. After defeating both Shadewalkers the rest of this battle is extremely straightforward, simply follow the rules placed by the “Bans”. 

Here is the list of bans and how to deal with them.

1. Tranquil Ban = Do not attack the Guardian Shadow 

2. Disarm Ban = Do not use Basic Attacks

3. Silent Ban = Do not use Skills

Voidranger: Trampler Enemies

Does this boss seem familiar? This is another boss that you should have just fought very recently in stage 9, this time however he comes with 2 Eliminators, 1 Reaver and 1 Antibaryon. You can consider bringing an AoE DPS for this stage to quickly clear out the trash mobs or focusing on the Reaver first they can deal AoE damage. 

As for the boss, there is only one mechanic you have to look out for which is it’s Lock On ability Spiral Arrow. While this skill may not deal direct damage, it is a wind-up of another skill called End of Bow. This can generally be dealt with by applying Weakness Break onto the Trampler to prevent him from using End of Bow. Another way to deal with this is to tank through End of Bow then heal + cleanse the damage/debuff applied

Suggested Team Comps


Clara gets a special mention when team building for stage 10 due to both enemies being weak to Physical and being able to manually trigger her Counter by breaking “Ban” rules in the Guardian Shadow boss fight.

Seele: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

Note: This team will be Featured often in most if not all premium teams due to how strong Hyper carry Seele is in general as a team comp. Although secondary Premium comps will be Recommended if this team does not work out or is not available.

Clara = DPS
March 7th = Shieler/Taunter
Bailu/Natasha = Healer
Tingyun = Damage Buffer

Clara is able to exploit the Guardian Shadow’s mechanics by intentionally breaking the “Ban” rules for this encounter, this allows her to manually trigger her counter. March 7th acts as both a shielder and a taunter to help draw aggro to Clara. Bailu and Natasha can be brought along as healers, however, if you do not need any healers you can consider bringing another DPS/Debuffer/Buffer to the team.  If you do not have access to Tingyun consider bringing another DPS/Debuffer/Buffer to the team.


Phys MC = DPS/AoE
Sushang/Dan Heng = DPS
Natasha = Healer
Tingyun/Asta = Buffer or Serval = AoE

A good amount of Mob units here. If Phys MC is not enough to clear out all the waves, Serval is also a solid option. As there is no shielder in this team, the user needs to keep in mind of Void ranger: Tramplers special attack (End of Bow), and time weakness breaks accordingly. As there are 3 physical units in this team, this should not be too challenging to accomplish.

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