Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 1 Guide

Wave 1 Enemies

As the majority of the enemies are weak to Physical, we recommend starting the encounter with a Physical character such as Trailblazer (Physical), Clara, or Sushang.

Voidranger: Distorter’s Skill

While for the most part the first wave of this encounter should not pose any problems, we recommend starting out by focusing down the Voidranger: Distorter as their skill Nihility’s Command is able to lock onto 1 random ally on your team. If left unchecked enemies can quickly pile damage towards the locked on ally, another way to deal with this is to bring an AoE DPS to quickly bring down the first wave before Nihility’s command becomes an issue.

Wave 2 enemies

To start out wave 2 should be dealt similarly to wave 1 up until all the side enemies/minions have been defeated. After that you can start focusing on that boss Voidranger: Trampler.

Winds-up Bow for 1 turn, then uses “End of Bow”

Generally there are two skills to look out for when fighting the Voidranger: Trampler, the first of which is Spiral Arrow. While this skill may not deal direct damage, it is a wind-up of another skill called End of Bow. You generally want to deal with this by applying Weakness Break onto Trampler as to prevent him from using End of Bow.

If you’re looking at this section and End of Bow has been cast/used, you’re generally here to do damage control. Heal the ally targeted by End of Bow and cleanse the Entanglement debuff if it has been applied, characters such as Natasha who can both cleanse and heal are great additions to the team as it lets you build a more flexible team.

Team Comp

Dan Heng = Wind weakness breaker / ST damage

Natasha = Doubles down as a Phys breaker  / Healer as the boss is phys weak as well

Phys MC = Free unit that would do very well here because of their AoE Capability combined with the stage being filled with multiple Phys weak enemies.

Serval / Sushang (More recommended) = Sushang will be the Main ST phys. However if Sushang is not available, Serval is also a solid option as she will be able to deal with wave 2 mobs with relative ease.

Row 2 are possible replacement options.

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