Eye of the Cosmos Stage 2

Eye of the Cosmos is a mission that features a challenge with 3 different difficulty level. This is Difficulty Level: 2.

You can only start the Eye of the Cosmos stages by completing Yukong Companion Mission. After completing the said mission, Xikui will message you for another errand. You will automatically obtain the Eye of the Cosmos after reading the message.


1) Finish battle within 12 Cycles(s)
2) Allies are knocked down for no more than 2 time(s)
3) Find the source of the unknown signal

➥ First of all, defeat the monsters surrounding the cycrane. This is the only battle you will encounter and the enemies are listed before you start the challenge (in the image above this).

➥ After the battle is over, go to the cycrane and do some repairing, which is by solving an Abacus Circuitry puzzle above. Follow the instructions below to complete the puzzle:
1) Select button 1 and rotate right 1 time
2) Select button 2 and rotate right 3 times
3) Select button 3 and rotate right 1 time

First Zone

Starskiff #1

➥ Now, you need to find a few lost starskiff and 1 unknown signal by operating the cycrane in different zones. The first starskiff is in Fortuna Augurstead. Inside the navigated location, the starskiff is on top of the building.

Second Zone

Starskiff #2

➥ The second starskiff is still on top of a rooftop, but this time at the edge of the map. Take a picture of it to go to the next zone.

Third Zone

Hidden achievement

➥ When arriving at the 3rd zone, head to the huge Matrix of Prescience (the floating and spinning ball) north of your spawn location. Go to the middle of it to get a hidden achievement ‘I Was Here Flying: Matrix of Prescience.’

Suspicious signal

➥ After that, go to the lower platform of that Matrix of Prescience and you will see a cycrane there. Take a picture of it to complete the objective of searching for the unknown signal.

Starskiff #3

➥ The last starskiff is on the far east, on top of the dome. Make sure to look up. That’s all the objectives for this difficulty.


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