“Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication” Hanya

“Using dreams to analyze the sins of the mara-struck is like touching a vine with thorns — it doesn’t hurt as much when your fingers become numb.”

One of the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission. Of the four duties of a judge (detention, imprisonment, punishment, and interrogation), Hanya is charged with the last task.
She specializes in reading the karma and sins of criminals, and records their crimes and punishments with the Oracle Brush.
As she spends her days using dreams to predict karmic offenses and has to endure the torrential flood of information regarding the mara-strucks’ actions, she has long become dull to all things in the world.
Only when she operates with her sister and fellow judge, Xueyi, will Hanya momentarily reveal her true nature.

English Voice:
Suzie Yeung


A content creator for HoYoverse games, focusing on Genshin Impact and Honkai Star: Rail.

Articles: 374

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