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How to Start

After reaching a certain point of the story you will receive a message from Wen Mingde, which prompts the start of the questline.

How to Clear

1. Start off by teleporting to Herta Space Station (Base Zone), you can find Wen Mingde on the mission tracker shown in the image above.

2. After talking to Wen Mingde, you will be tasked to find and bring back a researcher called Abraham. From here you will want to teleport to Storage Zone and use the Outside the (Control Center teleporter), refer to the image above for Abraham’s location.

3. Take the stairs to the left control room, as you enter the room you will want to enter the next room to the right where you will find Abraham surrounded by enemies.

Voidranger: Distorter x1, Voidranger Eliminator x2

3.5. Although this battle shouldn’t pose any problems, just keep in mind that you will have to fight a few enemies so make sure you are ready before facing them. When you are ready head over to Abraham to start the battle.
Refer to the image above if you want to check the enemies you will encounter.

4. After defeating the enemies speak to Abraham, you will then be tasked to find the real Wen Mingde. Return to the Base Zone and follow the quest tracker to continue the questline. However, before interacting with Wen Ming we recommend having a Fire/Wind/Quantum DPS or have a strong shield breaker such as Asta to trivialize this fight.

5. After defeating the Ice Out of Space talk to Wen Mingde to turn in the quest.

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