Dan Heng Companion Mission Guide

Returning to his home world is against his wishes. Everything that surrounds his past incarnation, the former high elder, still plagues Dan Heng...


Compete Trailblaze Mission ‘Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead’
➥ When reading the message from Dan Heng, you can choose any options you want as it won’t affect the ending, yet.

Trailblaze EXP x500
Stellar Jade x100
Traveler’s Guide x3
Lost Crystal x3
Lifeless Blade x6
Credit x40000

The Dragon Returns Home

Meet up with Dan Heng at Synwood Pavilion
➥ After you receive the message from Dan Heng, meet up with him at Synwood Pavilion. You will see him talking to Bailu’s maid, Huanxi.

Find the Ferryman and head to the Alchemy Commission delve together
➥ From the previous location, head northeast towards the ferry and talk to the Ferryman to head to the Alchemy Commission. On the way there, you will meet some troublemakers, but you don’t need to fight them, yet.

Request an audience with the high elder and meet the messenger
➥ Once you reach Alchemy Commission, you can find and talk to Jing Yuan there.

Speak with Huanxi and head to the Scalegorge Waterscape
➥ After talking to Jing Yuan, go down the stairs and you will meet with Huanxi again. You will be approached by another group of troublemakers but this time, you need to enter the battle and defeat them.

Head to the Roots of the Arbor and repair its seal
➥ Talk to Huanxi again and choose a team before entering the Scalegorge Waterscape. Remember that you can’t use the map function and can only rely on the quest navigation. In this area, Dan Heng hopes to repair the Ambrosial Arbor’s seal and give an account to the current high elder, Bailu.

➥ You will encounter many battles here, so take advantage of the Sustenance Anchor to heal your party. There is also a Cloudhymn Concealment mechanism in this domain where the assassins are in stealth mode and are difficult to detect. If you’re attacked by an enemy in stealth mode, their actions are greatly advanced and their weakness is hidden.

Leave the Scalegorge Waterscape using Mirage Echolocation
➥ Use Mirage Echolocation to detect enemies in stealth mode in advance to decide whether you want to avoid the battle or enter it. This gadget has a cooldown time.

Meet with Huanxi and leave the Scalegorge Waterscape
➥ Follow the quest navigation until you meet with Huanxi at the entrance. Not so surprisingly, she is a traitor who wants to get rid of Bailu. Defeat her goons to progress. This time, you can only use Trial Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, Trial Bailu, and Trial Fire MC. In addition, Trial Jing Yuan will also come with reinforcement- which is himself.

Speak with Bailu and complete the sealing
➥ When the battle ended, talk to Bailu again and leave the Scalegorge Waterscape to complete the mission. After the mission ends, you will get a message from Guangjin and unlock Wraiths of Mirage (a challenge with 3 different difficulties).
Wraiths of Mirage Difficulty 1
Wraiths of Mirage Difficulty 2
Wraiths of Mirage Difficulty 3


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