Dan Heng

Dan Heng Build Guide

Complete guide to Honkai: Starr Rail's character Dan Heng: We go over the skills, Relics, team recommendations, Eiodolons, and Light Cones.

The Hunt – Wind

Role: Wind DPS

Recommended Skill Priority

Skill Level Priority: Ultimate → Skill → Talent = Basic ATK


Dan Heng is a Hunt unit that deals wind damage. His main role is dealing big ST damage, this is achieved by optimizing his skill rotations and passive procs by having a team that can proc his talent (Ex. Bronya, Natasha, Tingyun, March 7th, etc). His kit also has an in-built SPD slow on enemies if hit landed is crit on his skill and a fixed chance to grant a SPD buff on self on any attack landed for 2 turns. Dan heng has one of the highest ST damage in the game, however setting up for the most optimal damage rotation takes a couple of turns and may be impractical in some scenarios.


Basic Attack: Nothing much to talk about here Dan Heng has the same normal attack as most other characters do, and ideally in a hyper carry team for Dan Heng you ideally do not want to be using his basic attack.

Skill: This is Dan Heng’s bread and butter, you’ll want to be spamming this skill every chance you get. In a perfect rotation for a dedicated damage dealer Dan Heng, you will be using 3 skills into an ultimate loop. Another important thing to note is that Dan Heng’s skill is a multi-hit skill which means there are several chances to apply SPD debuff. 

3 Skills + DMG taken instance is enough to fill up the bar completely at 0% additional energy regen. CD for talent is also shown right above his HP bar. Talent will glow when Talent is proc’d during that turn as well.

Ultimate: This skill will be your hardest-hitting skill available to Dan Heng. However, in order to reach this skill’s full potential there is a lot of setup required. First, you ideally want to have your Talent triggered before casting this skill to maximize the amount of damage dealt.  Next, you will want your target to have a SPD/Slow debuff applied onto them, as a good portion of this skills damage multiplier is locked behind its secondary condition.

Talent: If Dan Heng is the target of any type of skill that targets himself he gains a Wind RES PEN buff for his next attack. Unfortunately, Dan Heng is unable to trigger this buff himself and the talent having a 2-turn cooldown requires you to properly setup your rotation to get the most out of this skill. The ideal scenario would be to set up his SPD debuff by using his skill then applying a buff onto Dan Heng before using his ultimate to maximize its damage. However, Dan Hengs E2 unlocks the Talents full potential by reducing the cooldown by 1 turn. 

Relic Sets

Set: Eagle of Twilight
Body: Crit Rate or Crit DMG
Boots: SPD

Set: Space Sealing Station
Planet Sphere: Wind DMG Bonus
Link Rope: ATK%

Preferred Sub-stats : CRIT DMG => CRIT RATE > ATK% > SPD

Team Comps

Dan Heng: DPS 

Bronya: Skill point generator/damage buffer

Tingyun: Skill point generator/damage buffer

Natasha/Bailu: Healer 

The team recommended above is a premium hypercarry team comp, that focuses purely on boosting Dan Heng’s personal damage output. As to be expected we take both Bronya and Tingyun as they are best in the slot for a damage buffer role. While Dan Heng shouldn’t have problems generating his ultimate, Tingyun is able to shorten the rotation significantly by generating 50 energy for Dan Heng.

Note: Assume against Wind-weak Enemies

Dan Heng: DPS

Sampo: AoE/DoT DPS + Weakness break

March 7th: Shielder

Natasha: Healer

This team is aimed towards wind content that focuses on Survivability and sustainability with ST and AoE/DoT capability. Although Dan heng is unable to take advantage of Sampo’s Ult, this team can easily break wind-weak shields while building up on Sampo’s DoT. If Dan Heng receives any type of buff/shields/healing it will trigger his talent. 


E1: Having this Eidolons helps proc Dan Heng slow debuff on skill crit hit against healthy enemies, this helps quite a bit if the user is still in the early game and lacking crit rate substats from artifacts.

E2: If you plan to invest into Dan Hengs Eidolons, then we highly recommend you at least invest up to E2 as it provides the highest damage boost out of all his Eidolons. Reducing the cooldown of his Talent allows for more flexibility when setting up his rotation.

E4: This Eidolon helps Dan Heng rotate through his skills a bit easier when against multiple targets, as it basically grants an extra turn on ultimate kill. 

E6: His skill now slows by 20% instead of 12%, which may seem small, but is still rather impactful in fights. 

Light Cones


In the Night Sleep Like the Dead Only Silence Remains


Cruising in the Stellar Sea River Flows in Spring

As there are several Light Cones that are viable on Dan Heng, we are only listing a few notable options (1 5* gacha and 2 F2P)

In the Night: A premium 5* light cone that is only available in the gacha. Currently, the strongest light cone available for most Hunt characters as it provides a staggering 18% crit rate at superimpose 1. Its secondary effect increases the damage dealt of your basic/skills by 6% and Crit DMG by 12% for every 10 SPD that exceeds 100 this effect can stack up to 6 times. An absolutely broken light cone which eclipses the damage output of any other Hunt light cone currently available. Dan Heng is also able to take advantage of this light cone as he has a SPD buff built in to kit. 

In the Night

Cruising in the Stellar Sea: An overall great F2P light cone that is available from the Herta Shop in Simulated Universe. It provides a huge boost to your Crit Rate stat which allows you to build more Crit DMG or ATK on your relic substats. Its secondary effect also provides a huge ATK when an enemy is defeated.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea

River Flows in Spring: Another F2P option that is available in the Light Cone Manifest Shop. While this light cone provides an overall strong effect it unfortunately has a condition tied to it, where if the wearer is attacked the buff disappears and will not be applied until the end of the user’s next turn. This makes River Flows in Spring a strong but situational light cone.

River Flows in Spring

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