Curios are collectible items that provide buffs to the team that can either last for the entire run, provide a temporary effect, or has to be repaired to gain their effect. You unlock your first Curio after defeating an Elite enemy in World 3. You will then have the choice of 1 to 3 Curios to choose from. 

Blessing of Trailblaze

As you progress through the Ability Tree, you are able to guarantee 1 Curio from a selection of 3 at the start of each run via the Blessing of Trailblaze. 

Note: The Curios that can be selected from Blessing of Trailblaze has a limited pool to choose from. Listed below are the Curios that are available from Blessing of Trailblaze.

  • Ambergris Cheese
  • Fruit of the Alien Tree
  • Galactic Big Lotto
  • Gold Coin of Discord
  • Omniscient Capsule
  • Record from Beyond the Sky
  • Shattered Star Bait

Curio Overview

Listed below is a general idea of how valuable a Curio can be in a normal run and a general overview of each Curio. Keep in mind that some Curios have their own niche, and whether a Curio is good or bad will highly depend on the run.

High Priority

curios:Record from Beyond the Sky

Record from Beyond the Sky: An extremely strong Curio that is able to outright shut down Elite enemies with lock-on mechanics or give you some breathing room to block big attacks such as Frigid Waterfall from Gepard. 

curios:Fortune Glue

Fortune Glue: A really strong Curio that guarantees a 3* Blessing. Just note that you have to enter and win a battle in order to get its effect, so don’t take it during the final stages of the Simulated Universe if you can’t enter a battle. 

curios:Space-Time Prism

Space-Time Prism: You can almost never go wrong with picking this Curio, as gaining an Eidolon level is always a welcome addition. Note that if you are a Whale with every Eidolon unlocked then this becomes a Skip Curio. 

curios:The Doctor’s Robe

The Doctor’s Robe: Has really good synergy with certain Paths, such as Elation and Hunt, which is able to trivialize most non-Elite and non-Boss Domains. Otherwise, it is generally a safe pick for other Paths. 

curios:Warping Compound Eye

Warping Compound Eye: Raising the level of all common Blessings is an extremely valuable effect that can save a lot of Cosmic Fragments in the long run. It also synergizes well with Curios, which heavily incentivizes saving Cosmic Fragments such as Robe of The Beauty. 

Note: This Curio loses some of its value if taken during the later stages of the run.

curios:Angel-type I.O.U. Dispenser

Angel-type I.O.U. Dispenser: A Curio that stores all the Cosmic Fragments you obtain for 5 battles, then doubles it. An extremely strong effect that can net you a ton of Cosmic Fragments, keep in mind that you should never get this in the late game when you are unable to guarantee 5 battles. 

curios:Dimension Reduction Dice

Dimension Reduction Dice
: An absolutely amazing Curio that allows you to select 1 extra Blessing after a battle (Up to 2 times), the demerit this Curio gives is negligible and should not deter you from picking this up. 

curios:Elegant Code

Elegant Code: A really strong Code that when paired with other sources of Advance Forward and SPD Blessings, can enable you to chain several character turns in a row. If you ever have the option to select this Curio, it can almost never be a bad choice. 

curios:Gold Coin of Discord

Gold Coin of Discord: This Curio is a must-pick/high priority if you are able to get your hands on it early on. Otherwise, only take it if you have a decent amount of Cosmic Fragments saved up and have at least a few stages left to benefit from its effect. 

curios:Obliteration Wick Trimmer

Obliteration Wick Trimmer: A must-pick during the early stages of the Simulated Universe.  It loses its value if you are unable to pick this Curio up early on, as it does not count objects destroyed before obtaining this Curio. 

Medium Priority

curios:Faith Bond

Faith Bond: If you get this Curio, we recommend saving your Cosmic Fragments for the final Respite Domain or using Rerolls more often to take full advantage of its effect. 

curios:Infinitely Recursive Code

Infinitely Recursive Code: This Code synergizes well with Skill Point hungry characters like Seele, as it allows you to spam Skill more often. This in turn, generates more Energy the longer the fight goes on. 

curios:Normal Code:

Normal Code: This Code is a decent pick-up that helps with survivability. The DMG Reduction provided by this Code allows you to survive strong attacks that could end runs. Additionally, it also stacks with other sources of DMG Reduction, such as Trailblazer (Fire) Trace and Preservation Blessings.

curios:Punklorde mentality

Punklorde mentality: This Curio has a lot more value when you are able to chain several turns together or delay enemies actions for a long period of time, to make the most of the additional weakness applied. 

curios:Robe of The Beauty

Robe of The Beauty: This Curio heavily incentivizes you to not spend any of your Cosmic Fragments for a respectable damage boost. 

curios:Shattered Star Bait

Shattered Star Bait: You can almost never go wrong when picking this Curio. It synergizes well with other sources of Action Advance, such as Hunt Blessings and Elegant Code. 

curios:Society Ticket

Society Ticket: A generally decent Curio, which nets you more Cosmic Fragments in the long run. Has good synergy with other Curios such as Robe of The Beauty and Angel-type I.O.U. Dispenser.

curios:Chaos Trametes

Chaos Trametes: Helps to save Cosmic Fragments when rerolling.

curios:The Parchment That Always Eats

The Parchment That Always Eats: Trivialize Elites if you are still lacking damage but loses some value during the Bosses, since its effects only trigger at the beginning of the battle. 

curios:Omniscient Capsule

Omniscient Capsule: Similar to Golden Coin of Discord, this is best picked up during the early stages of a run. Note that it also doubles the Healing and Technique Points received from certain destructible objects. 

Low Priority

curios:Entropic Die

Entropic Die: You should only pick this Curio up if there are no better options, otherwise it has the potential to upgrade a good Blessing. 

curios:Fruit of the Alien Tree

Fruit of the Alien Tree: Provides a decent safety net if a character was accidentally downed during battle, but provides no battle effects which will not help in runs where you are struggling for damage or survivability. 

curios:Laurel Crown of Planar Shifts

Laurel Crown of Planar Shifts: Similar to Fruit of the Alien Tree, it provides no battle effects to help with damage or survivability, and while it does provide a decent safety net, in case you are defeated in a non-boss battle. If you have triggered its effect, then you are most likely unable to defeat the final boss. 

curios:Mysterious Code

Mysterious Code: While this Curio has a generally good effect of increasing the amount of DMG dealt by allies, the condition to trigger its effect is difficult to trigger for some Elites/Bosses and will generally either have a long downtime or can’t be triggered at all. 

curios:Ambergris Cheese

Ambergris Cheese: Similar to Fruit of the Alien Tree, it provides no battle effects to help with damage or survivability, and its value is even lower since you will most likely be running a healer in a team. 

curios:Beacon Coloring Paste

Beacon Coloring Paste: Too RNG-reliant to be worth taking, it’ll most likely level up a Curio you don’t want to take.

curios:Casket of Inaccuracy

Casket of Inaccuracy: While gaining 1-2 Blessings is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, it is randomized and cannot be rerolled, making this Curio too inconsistent to be worth taking over other better options.


curios:Corrupted Code

Corrupted Code: Performs well if you have characters that deal a large chunk of Break Damage. 

curios:Galactic Big Lotto

Galactic Big Lotto: This Curio can either make your run an absolute breeze or end it on the spot if you do not have a way to deal with its downside. If you do plan on taking this Curio, try to always have a Defensive Ultimate ready such as Bailu/Natasha healing or Gepard’s Shield, in case this Curio is destroyed. 

curios:Insect Web

Insect Web: An event-only Curio that can be found in Occurrence “Insect Nest” while this Curio does have a strong effect, be sure that you are able to manage its downside by having healing Blessings or characters. Note that the damage caused by this Curio bypasses Shields, so only healing will work. 

curios:Odd Code

Odd Code: Can perform really well if you have Blessings that trigger when characters heal or are healed. 

Sealing Wax: As with all Sealing Waxes, only take the one for your specific Path or ones with good synergies with your selected Path. Otherwise, we recommend skipping. 

curios:Shining Trapezohedron Die

Shining Trapezohedron Die: Only take this when you have negative/broken Curio(s) you wish to replace. If you already have strong Curios such as Elegant Code, we recommend against taking this Curio, as it does not guarantee you will get a decent Curio. 

curios:Void Wick Trimmer

Void Wick Trimmer: Can be a very strong choice if you have a good Consumable Curio that has already been consumed, such as Dimension Reduction Dice or Fortune Glue.

Negative Effect Curios

If you end up with these Curios, there is nothing you can do other than try to work around its effects or reroll them with Shining Trapezohedron Die. Therefore we will be providing ways to work around these Curios instead.

curios:Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock: Bring a Shielder to mitigate the damage taken or have Trailblazer (Fire) Taunt all enemies to redirect their attacks onto them. 

curios:Divination Cuckoo Clock

Divination Cuckoo Clock: Nothing much you can do about this one other than reroll the Blessings after a fight if you don’t see anything you want. 

curios:IPC Cuckoo Clock

IPC Cuckoo Clock: Nothing much you can do here other than spend Cosmic Fragments in Respite floors after the Elite stages.

curios:Mechanical Cuckoo Clock

Mechanical Cuckoo Clock: Build up Skill Points with Basic Attacks as you enter battle. Otherwise, you can consider switching your team for non-Skill Point hungry characters. 

curios:Perpetual Motion Cuckoo Clock

Perpetual Motion Cuckoo Clock: Try to spend as much Cosmic Fragments as possible to reduce the amount lost. 

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