Character: Light Cone

Light Cones

Example of a Light Cone

Light Cones are the equivalent of weapons in other games that provide stat boost when equipped.

As of CBT3 Light Cones currently have 3 rarities (3*, 4* and 5*)

Light Cones can be leveled up to 80 increasing the stat bonuses provided.

Light Cone’s ability not being activated

A character can equip any Light Cone and can receive the base stat benefits. However, to trigger a Light Cone’s ability both the Character and the Light Cone must be from the same Path.


Superimpose function

A Light Cone’s ability can be upgraded by using the Superimpose function. Light Cones can only be Superimposed with a duplicate copy of itself (With an exception to this being Light Cones obtained from Herta’s Store)

Light Cone abilities have a max level of 5 and can be Superimposed 4 times.

Farmable Light Cones

Herta’s Store

To be added

Lucent Afterglow

To be added

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