Character Event Warp: Gentle Eclipse of the Moon

Hello, Trailblazers!
This round of Character Event Warp lasts from after the Version 1.4 update and until 2023/10/27 11:59:00 (Server time). The following contents are included:

Character Event Warp: Gentle Eclipse of the Moon

● During the event, the drop rates of the limited 5-star character Jingliu (Destruction: Ice) and 4-star characters Tingyun (Harmony: Lightning), Qingque (Erudition: Quantum) and Sampo (Nihility: Wind) will be boosted.

Event Duration

After the Version 1.4 update–2023/10/27 11:59:00(server time)

Drop Rate Boost: 5-Star Character

Jingliu (Destruction: Ice)

Drop Rate Boost: 4-Star Characters

Tingyun (Harmony: Lightning)
Qingque (Erudition: Quantum)
Sampo (Nihility: Wind)

※ Among the above characters, the limited character will not become available in the Stellar Warp event.
※ During the event, the limited 5-star character Jingliu (Destruction: Ice) can only be obtained from Character Event Warp: Gentle Eclipse of the Moon.
※ This Warp is considered a Character Event Warp. The cumulative Warp count for a guaranteed 5-star character in any Character Event Warp will always be carried over to other Character Event Warps, but is independent of and unaffected by other types of Warps.
※ For more information, please head to the Warp screen.

Character Trial Event: Aptitude Showcase

Requirement: Unlock Travel Log
Event Period: After the Version 1.4 update – 2023/10/27 11:59:00 (Server time)
Event Details: The trial characters Jingliu (Destruction: Ice), Tingyun (Harmony: Lightning), Qingque (Erudition: Quantum), and Sampo (Nihility: Wind) can be used to experience stages. Upon completing the challenges, Trailblazers can obtain Stellar Jades, Adventure Logs, Universal Enhancement Materials, and credits.


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