Character: Basic Information

Character Basics

Character Rarity can range between 4* to 5* with each character having a corresponding Path and Damage Type or Element.

Character Stats

Base Stats

HP: Determines how much damage a character can take before fainting

ATK: Acts as a damage multiplier for most Abilities

DEF: Reduces damage taken

Speed: Determines Turn Order and how often a character can act in combat

Advanced Stats

Crit Rate: Likelihood of landing a critical hit 

Crit DMG: The damage multiplier when landing a critical hit 

Break Effect: Enhances Weakness Break effects, amount of damage dealt, the amount of damage dealt by DoTs per turn, and how far enemy actions are delayed

Outgoing Healing Boost: Increases healing amount when using a healing Skill/Ultimate

Energy Regen Rate: Increases how much energy a character gains per action

Effect Hit Rate: Increases the chances of landing a Debuff

Effect RES: Decreases the chances of getting afflicted by a debuff

Elemental Damage Bonus: Provides an additional damage multiplier to the corresponding damage type 

Elemental Damage Resist: Reduces damage taken to a corresponding damage type

Character Skills

Basic Attack

Basic Attacks are single-target and generate 1 skill point. This is always available during combat. Some characters’ Basic Attacks have additional effects or can be enhanced.


Skill is a combat ability that consumes skill points to activate. Skill will have different effects depending on the character. These effects can range from offensive skills or support skills. Skill points can be obtained by using a Basic Attack.


Similar to Skills, Ultimates have different effects depending on the character. Ultimates require energy to use and are considered a free action that can be used anytime.


Talents are a character’s passive ability, having varied effects and usually having a condition to activate.


Techniques are Overworld abilities used to gain advantages before combat starts. Effects can vary between characters, either applying a buff/debuff or dealing damage.


Traces is a skill tree that is unique to every character. Unlocking a character’s trace provides them with a stat boost or 3 passive abilities.

These stat bonuses are locked behind Character Ascension or Character level.

It is possible to enhance the character’s abilities(Basic ATK, Skill, Ultimate, Talent) requires materials and credits.

Paths and


Characters will always have an Element assigned to them, there are currently 7 elements in the game.

Physical | Fire | Ice | Wind | Lightning | Quantum | Imaginary

The Destruction – General DPS

Most Destruction Characters have access to Blast Attacks (Attacks enemies adjacent to its main target).

List of Characters:

The Erudition – AoE (Area of Effect)

Erudition characters are AoE-focused damage dealers
Erudition characters will always have an AoE attack built into their kit either in their Skill or Ultimate
Generally have a high ATK stat

List of Characters:

The Preservation – Tank

Usually fills the role of a Tank, boasting a high DEF stat and usually having a defensive utility built in their Skill, Ultimate or Talent

List of Characters:

The Abundance – Healer

Some characters can be used as a Sub-DPS

Abundance characters can sometimes have a dispel/debuff cleanse

List of Characters:

The Harmony – Buffer

Some characters can be used as a Sub-DPS
Buffs can range from ATK increase, SPD increase, Action Advance and etc

List of Characters:

The Nihility – Debuffer

The debuffs can range from ATK decrease, SPD decrease, Action Delay and etc

Some characters can be used as a Sub-DPS

List of Characters:

The Hunt – Single Target DPS

Hunt Characters are single-target focused, with high SPD stats
Generally, have low HP and DEF

List of Characters:

Light Cones

Light Cones are the equivalent of weapons in other games that provide stat boost when equipped

Light Cones can be leveled up to increase the stat bonuses provided.

A character can equip any Light Cone and can receive the base stat benefits.

Each Light Cone has an effect that is tied to a Path, these effects can only be triggered if the Light Cone is equipped with a character of the corresponding Path.

Duplicate Light Cones can be used to Superimpose a matching Light Cone, enhancing its ability.


Relics are the equivalent of armor in other games. It provides a stat boost when equipped.

Relics can be leveled up to increase the stat bonuses provided and generate new sub-stat lines (4 sub-stat lines per relic)

Relics also have Set effects that can be triggered when equipping multiple relics from the same sets generally requiring 2 pieces or 4 pieces to activate; it is also possible to activate from 2 different set bonuses by using 2 piece set of each.

List of possible Main-Stats:

Main Stats

Head: HP 

Hands: ATK

Body: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Outgoing Healing Boost, Effect Hit Rate

Feet: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Speed, Break Effect

Planet Sphere: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Elemental Damage Boost

Link Rope: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect, Energy Regen Rate

Sub Stats

List of possible Sub-Stats:

HP, ATK, DEF, HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Speed, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Effect Hit Rate, Effect RES, Break Effect


Eidolons are unique bonuses that provide additional utility to a character’s abilities and additional ability levels. 

Eidolons can be upgraded by obtaining duplicates of the character from Warp or future events (An Exception to this is the Trailblazer, their eidolons can be obtained via in-game activities).

All characters have 6 Eidolon upgrades. E3 and E5 are consistent between characters. 

Eidolon 3 (E3): Skill Lv +2 and Basic ATK Lv  +1 

Eidolon 5 (E5): Ultimate Lv +2 and Talent Lv +2

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