Bzzt! Clock Out! Achievement Guide

This achievement can be obtained after you find 6 robots in Herta Space Station and shut them down by interacting with them. By the end, you will get 20 Hertareum and an achievement ‘Bzzt! Clock Out!’

1st Robot

➥ Teleport to Monitor Room space anchor in Base Zone and once arrived, turn to your right to see the white robot. Investigate it and choose the option ‘Force a shutdown!’

2nd Robot

➥ Get out of that room and enter the first room to your left to find another robot. This room is locked by triple authentication and I had cover it in another guide: Triple Authentication Room Guide

3rd Robot

➥ Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and go to the room on the northwest.

4th Robot

➥ Teleport to the same space anchor as before and after arrival, keep walking forward, and enter the room to your right.

5th Robot

➥ Teleport to Courtyard (First Floor) space anchor and go to the corridor past the enemies at the southeast.

6th Robot

➥ Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor in Supply Zone and after arrival, turn to your left to find the last robot. You will automatically get a reward after that, and also a message from Maintenance Engineer.

Color Code: FD718B


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