Boulder Town Super League Event Guide

The first time-limited event has been unlocked in Honkai: Star Rail, and you can get more than 500 Stellar Jades by completing all the challenges. Take part in the Boulder Town Super League to challenge enemies and claim all the rewards.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
May 19, 2023, 10:00:00 – June 06, 2023, 03:59:00 (Server time)
※ This event contains time-limited challenges. Trailblazers who complete them during the event will receive Time-Limited Rewards. After these challenges close, Trailblazers can still challenge the Boulder Town Super League Event to obtain standard first-clear rewards.

➥ Trailblaze Level ≥ 21
➥ Complete the Adventure Missions Ring and Stage I, Ring and Stage II, and Gladiator

Event Overview:
➥ The Boulder Town Super League is split into the standard event and the time-limited event.
Standard event: Trailblazer can challenge 5 matches, each containing 4 fights. After Trailblazer chooses to join the match, the enemy lineup will be selected at random and provide different buffs to the Trailblazer upon defeat. Pass the match for the first time to receive standard rewards such as Stellar Jades.
Time-limited event: The Super League will also host a time-limited event! During the event, the number of rounds the Trailblazer spends to finish each fight will be recorded. The faster you finish the fight, the more rewards you will get!

Gameplay Details

1) Choose your Challenges

➥ If you are still confused about the standard event and the time-limited event, both are essentially the same event, but with different rewards.
➥ There are a total of 5 challenges, each stage will be unlocked daily starting on the first day of the event.

➥ As I highlighted in the image above, the rewards in each challenge box are the rewards for the Standard event. Meanwhile, the rewards in the Objectives section are for the Time-Limited Event.

2) Create your Team

➥ After choosing your challenge, you need to create your own team. There will be a limited amount of Trial Characters you can use for each challenge. Once you choose ‘Start Drawing,’ you can’t change any of your team members until you defeat the whole challenge or forfeit.
➥ When choosing your teammates, make sure to take advantage of the Possible Weaknesses that the stage had included to increase your chance of winning.

➥ There is a total of 4 rounds in each challenge, so you will be facing 4 rounds of random enemies. All enemies are above Lvl 50 for Equilibrium Level 3 (Equilibrium Level will influence enemy strength in the event so your enemies’ level may vary than mine).
Updates: While the game itself mentions we will get random enemies, after several tries, I notice I got the exact same enemies. I also search for YouTube videos and notice all of them have the same enemies lineup (Maybe this is only for the time-limited event, or maybe the random enemies mean different Equilibrium levels get different enemies. Who knows, more information is needed).

3) Complete the Challenge

All characters’ HP and Energy will be reset at the start of every round, so there’s no need to worry if any of your characters die in the early round, they will be revived.
➥ You will also gain buffs by defeating the enemies. Before starting the first round, you will get one buff. After that, you will continuously get another buff for the first 3 rounds. In other words, you can get a maximum of 4 buffs per challenge.

Challenge Guides

1) Featherweight

Jing Yuan + Dan Heng + Asta + Qingque

➥ For the first round, Jing Yuan is the only Trial Character for the challenge. Don’t forget that we might face random enemies in each round, so it may not go 100% smoothly with the same team (Updates: We all got the same enemies’ lineup, at least maybe until the time-limited event ends).
➥ The team I recommend fulfills the whole Possible Weaknesses and also completely F2P as all of us will get the included characters for free (depending on your progress in the game).

All buffs for the Featherweight challenge

Jing Yuan is the trial character so he is a must in your party because he’s too OP in this stage, and he’s free to use. Dan Heng is obviously the single-target DPS. Asta is the Fire Weakness breaker and also helps in providing ATK and SPD buff. Lastly, Qingque is the Quantum Weakness breaker (although mine is not built at all and dies in one-shot). Still, I managed to clear the challenge within 7 rounds with this team.

All enemies I’d face in the Featherweight Challenge

➥ Enemies I’d face in Equilibrium Level 3 (Trailblaze Level 47):
Round 1: Sampi
Round 2: Maniacal Fans of Silvermane Guards
Round 3: Overflowing Love
Round 4: Lost Fragmentum Creature

2) Lightweight

Hook + Serval + Dan Heng + Herta

➥ The second stage is still easy and can be completed with a full F2P team. Hook is the Trial Character here so take advantage of that and bring her to the battle.
➥ Then, bring Serval (or Jing Yuan if you have him), Dan Heng, and Herta to complete the Possible Weaknesses provided by the stage.

All buffs for the Lightweight challenge

➥ The buffs for this challenge are quite generous and really good with all the Crit Rate and Crit DMG bonuses. Hook and Dan Heng who mostly use single-target ability can take advantage of this buff in every round.
Divide and Conquer buff is great too, since we will be facing 2 enemies as the last boss. So, focus on one enemy only, then you can get the buff to immediately kill the remaining enemy. I complete the challenge with this team within 7 rounds.

All enemies I’d face in the Lightweight Challenge

➥ Enemies I’d face in Equilibrium Level 3 (Trailblaze Level 48):
Round 1: Ash the Mechanic
Round 2: Many Pigeons
Round 3: Something That’s Probably Ice
Round 4: Firearm

3) Welterweight

Serval + Herta + Asta + Dan Heng

➥ The third challenge feature Serval as the Trial Character and she’s so good in this stage you better bring her along (or yours if your Serval is better built than the Trial Character). Then, bring Herta as another character that can deal follow-up attacks with Ice damage. Asta is the Fire Weakness breaker and also helps in providing ATK and SPD buff. The last possible weakness is Imaginary, but there is no 4-star Imaginary character so I brought my trusty Dan Heng along and I did not regret it at all. You can either bring Dan Heng or Physical MC.

All buffs for the Welterweight challenge

➥ From the buffs above, the first one is making sure that each of our Ultimate will be considered as follow-up attacks. In other words, we can still use the next 2 buffs that only boost follow-up attacks.
➥ The Arsonous Larceny (last buff) is what makes Serval (or Jing Yuan, honestly) really good here because both last bosses have Lightning Weakness. With her AoE Lightning Attacks (combined with all the previous buffs), she can inflict Weakness Break on an enemy easily, thus regenerating all allies’ Energy! I completed this challenge with this team within 8 rounds.
Update: I replace Trial Serval with my Jing Yuan and completed the challenge within 6 rounds.

All enemies I’d face in the Welterweight Challenge

➥ Enemies I’d face in Equilibrium Level 3 (Trailblaze Level 48):
Round 1: Maniacal Fans of Silvermane Guards
Round 2: The Mood’s On Fire!
Round 3: Iron-Clad Disciple
Round 4: Ice Cream on a Cone

4) Middleweight

Gepard + Dan Heng + Physical MC + Asta

➥ Challenge 4 is here with yet another F2P-friendly team. In this stage, Gepard is the Trial Character with stage buffs that support his whole kit. He’s your first choice to add to the team.
➥ The next three characters are all F2P and fill the possible weaknesses (Dan Heng, Physical MC, and Asta). Initially, I bring Qingque instead of Asta, but Dan Heng and MC are enough for the DPS, while the last spot is more suitable for a Harmony character like Asta that can inflict Fire Break while also providing ATK and SPD buffs.

All buffs for the Middleweight challenge

Gepard,Dan Heng,Trailblazer (Physical M),Asta

➥ All the buffs in this challenge depend on shields, meaning you need to spam Gepard’s Ultimate as much as you can (His shield is only from Ultimate). Whenever it’s Gepard’s turn to move, I always use his Skill rather than Basic Attack so he can fill his Energy faster. I cleared this challenge with this team within 8 rounds.

All enemies I’d face in the Middleweight Challenge

➥ Enemies I’d face in Equilibrium Level 3 (Trailblaze Level 50):
Round 1: Many Pigeons
Round 2: Maniacal Fans of Silvermane Guards
Round 3: Mind Your Language
Round 4: No Good Name Goes Untaken

5) Heavyweight

Himeko + Serval + Dan Heng + Asta

➥ The last challenge is unlocked and in my opinion, very anti-climatic because it’s far easier than the fourth challenge. The Trial Character here is Himeko, so make sure to include her in the team first. Then, you can continue adding F2P characters to the team that matches the possible Weaknesses.
➥ My team included Serval, Dan Heng, and Asta. You might think Qingque is a great choice since she’s a Quantum character, but Asta is a better choice since you have enough DPS and the last boss also doesn’t have Quantum as a Weakness (Not that it matters since the buffs will help you with that). But my point is it’s better to have at least one support that will help buff your characters and Asta is perfect for this stage.

All buffs for the Heavyweight challenge

Himeko,Serval,Dan Heng,Asta

➥ The first buff (Premonition) will apply 1 element that they don’t have as an additional Weakness. For example, my first enemy is The Mood’s On Fire, and their initial Weaknesses are Wind, Imaginary, and Ice. With the Premonition buff, it adds Fire as a new Weakness.
➥ This buff is super convenient so you don’t really have to worry about which elements to bring to your team. After that, you will gain buffs for Weakness Breaks that are also OP, but not worth mentioning in detail. I complete the challenge with the team within 7 rounds.

All enemies I’d face in the Heavyweight Challenge

➥ Enemies I’d face in Equilibrium Level 3 (Trailblaze Level 50):
Round 1: The Mood’s On Fire!
Round 2: Long Live the Supreme Guardian!
Round 3: Overflowing Love
Round 4: “Boss” Svarog

Gameplay Rewards

Standard Rewards:
1. Stellar Jades x100
2. Traveler’s Guides x6
3. Condensed Aether x10
4. Credits x50000

Time-limited Event Rewards:
1. Stellar Jades x500
2. Tracks of Destiny x1
3. Traveler’s Guides x40
4. Condensed Aethers x30
5. Lost Gold Fragments x29
6. Credits x100000

If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below.

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