Blade Build Guide

The Destruction – Wind
Role: DPS
Skill Priority: Basic  🡺 Talent  🡺 Ultimate 🡺 Skill 


Blade is a 5* Destruction Wind character which is available only from the gacha. Blade’s playstyle is unique to other characters, as his kit mainly revolves around consuming his HP to deal damage. Blade also has split damage scaling both off HP and ATK. Generally, it is better to invest into HP as it scales higher. A general breakpoint for his Speed stat will be at 121 or 134.


Basic: Blade’s bread and butter and his main source of damage, you will most likely be spamming the Enhanced version of this Skill as it deals the most damage and generates 30 energy when used. Additionally, this skill has split scaling on its damage from his ATK and Max HP. This Skill is also considered a blast Skill which targets enemies adjacent to the main target, and unlike most other Enhanced Basic attacks, it does not generate Skill Points when used.

Note that when Enhanced Basic is used, it consumes 10% of his Max HP.

Skill: A unique skill that when used, triggers Hellscape state, which enhances all of Blade’s Basic attacks for the next 3 turns. However, unlike most other Skills currently in the game, using Blade’s Skill does NOT consume his turn and allows him to use his Enhanced Basic right from the get-go. Additionally, casting this Skill does not generate energy. 

Note that when Skill is used, it consumes 30% of his Max HP.

Ultimate: Blade’s Ultimate has a unique mechanic of setting his HP to 50%, regardless of your current HP. Depending on when this Ultimate is used, it can be used to either heal Blade or reduce his HP to contribute to the Ultimate’s damage multiplier. Similar to his Basic attack, this Skill has split scaling from its ATK%, Max HP, and the total amount of HP lost in battle.

Talent: Blade’s Talent revolves around gaining Charge stacks after taking damage and consuming his own HP. After reaching 5 stacks of Charge Blade will perform a Follow-up attack which deals damage to all enemies and restores 25% of his Max HP. This means he will generally want to not be paired with Preservation characters as they can draw aggro away from him. This skill also provides him with some self-sustain, allowing him to stay in the fight longer. 

Team Comps

When considering a team for Blade, it is important to note that he has anti-synergy with Preservation characters as he wants to be targeted and take damage to be able to trigger his Talent effects. Some notable characters that Blade pairs with are Bronya, while her ATK% increase may not seem too appealing, her Action Advance is the main highlight of her kit. This allows Blade to gain stacks on his talent faster. 

Blade: DPS

Pela/SilverWolf: Debuffer

Luocha/Bailu: Healer

Bronya/Asta: Buffer

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets
1.Longevous Disciple 4pc
2.Longevous Disciple 2pc + Messenger Traversing Hackerspace 2pc
3.Longevous Disciple 2pc + Eagle of Twilight Line 2pc

Planetary Sets
1.Inert Salsotto 2pc
2.Rutilant Arena 2pc
Main Stat
Body: Crit Rate or Crit DMG 
Boots: SPD or HP%

Planet Sphere: Wind Damage Bonus 
Link Rope: HP%

Sub Stat Priority: Crit Rate% = Crit Damage% > HP%

Longevous Disciple 4pc: Blade’s best in slot relic, as he can consistently trigger its secondary effects to gain an additional 16% Crit Rate


E1: An overall strong Eidolon, which increases the damage dealt to the main target of Blade’s Ultimate. The damage dealt is increased by 150% of Blade’s total HP lost in the current battle, which caps at 90% of his max HP.

E2: Nothing much here; it just increases Blades’s Crit Rate by 15% when Hellscape state is active, which should have a 100% uptime. 

E4: Increases Blades Max HP by 20% each time his current HP drops below 50%, stacking up to 2 times. This provides him with additional survivability and damage, as all his skill skills scale with HP. 

E6: Decreases the number of stacks needed to trigger Blade’s Talent/Follow-up attack to 4. It also increases the damage of his Follow-up attacks by 50% of his Max HP. Overall, this is Blade’s best Eidolon, as it increases his overall damage output.

Recommended Light Cones

Best in Slot

The Unreachable Side A Secret Vow


Something Irreplaceable On the Fall of an Aeon

The Unreachable Side: Blade’s signature Light Cone and his best in slot. It provides the wearer with Crit Rate and increases their Max HP, and if the wearer is attacked or consumes their own HP, their damage is increased by a percentage. This Light Cone synergizes well with Blade’s kit as not only does it provide Max HP%, he is also able to manually trigger its secondary effects as all his abilities consume HP. The additional Crit Rate provided by this Light Cone also allows you to go for a Crit DMG Body piece.

Something Irreplaceable: A premium 5* Light Cone that is available via gacha. It increases the wearer’s ATK by 24% with no conditions. While its second effect restores HP equal to 8% of the wearer’s ATK when they defeat an enemy or get hit. Additionally, the wearer’s DMG is increased by 24% until the end of their next turn. An overall decent Light Cone, which unfortunately has lower potential when compared to other 5* options as Blade prefers to have HP scaling for his stats. 

On the Fall of an Aeon: A F2P 5* Light Cone that is available in the Herta Shop and can be upgraded to Superimpose 5. Its first effect increases the ATK of the wearer by 16% (superimpose 5) whenever the wearer attacks and stacks up to 4 times. At max stacks, this Light Cone can reach a grand total of 64% ATK at superimpose 5. However, the ATK buff gained from this Light Cone may take a few turns to set up as it requires the wearer to attack an enemy. Its second effect increases the wearer’s DMG by 24% (Superimpose 5) for 2 turns after the wearer applies Weakness Break onto an enemy. While this is a strong effect, it provides nothing if you are unable to apply Weakness Break to the enemy.

A Secret Vow: Blade’s best 4* Light Cone, it synergizes well with his kit as he consumes his own HP in combat; you will have a decent uptime on its secondary effect, which provides an additional DMG % boost. 

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