Bestial Ferocity Mission Guide

Bestial Ferocity is a 2-day mission where you need to help "The Unshackle" to find the perfect endangered species/plant to accumulate merit.

Bestial Ferocity is a 2-day mission where you need to help “The Unshackle” to find the perfect endangered species/plant to accumulate merit. You will obtain 2 hidden achievements by completing this mission: Ends Above the Means and Means Above the Ends.

Bestial Ferocity

➥ You can start the mission near the Starwatcher Avenue space anchor in Central Starskiff Haven. Talk to the lady in purple with Gao Tang to start the Bestial Ferocity mission.

➥ The first task in this mission is the Faunus Red Sheep case from Benna, where you need to investigate how it had gone missing after being released in the Scalegorge Waterscape.

➥ If we’re talking about finding a clue, Diting is always the answer. Head to the Realm-Keeping Commission in Exalting Sanctum and borrow a Diting.

➥ After you get the Diting, teleport to Scalegorge Waterscape and go to the seaside to start using Diting. Press [R] to track the footprints for clues. At the end of the track, you will find a group of wolves and need to fight them.

➥ An NPC named Zhongshan will appear to recruit you into The Unshackled, a group led by Benna and her 2 other friends.

➥ Teleport to Elixir Research Terrace space anchor in Alchemy Commission and meet up with the Three Benevolent Ones.

➥ To enter the group, you need to pass a newcomer trial, which is to find an endangered and ferocious plant. After a conversation with Zhongshan, you both decide the mechanical robot in Belobog suits all the criteria.

Message Serval on how to obtain mechanical scraps that the Guards don’t want so they can be repaired and released in the wild.

➥ Teleport to Energy Hub space anchor in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and head northwest to meet up with Serval. You need to fix 3 robots by completing the Magflow Link puzzles below.

Magflow Link puzzle for Automaton Grizzly.

➥ There are 3 types of robots, each with a different Magflow Link puzzle. The solution for Automaton Grizzly (the huge round one) can be seen in the image above. Tap on the terminal multiple times according to the image below.

Magflow Link puzzle for Automaton Spider.

➥ The solution for the Automaton Spider’s Magflow Link puzzle (the small one) can be seen above.

Magflow Link puzzle for Automaton Direwolf.

➥ The last one is Automaton Direwolf (the one with a chainsaw). After you complete the Magflow Puzzle on this Automaton, it will malfunction and you need to enter a battle with it.

➥ Now that you obtain all 3 Automatons, meet up with Zhongshan in Scalegorge Waterscape and persuade all three Benevolent Ones to accept the mechanical creature.

➥ When persuading Tonya, you need to enter a battle with the Automaton Grizzly to show how ferocious the robot can be.

➥ After a successful release of the endangered species to the wild, you return to the Exalting Sanctum only to receive a message from Jingyan that The Unshackled is in trouble for releasing those Automatons.

➥ Talk with Nannan first before you can check out the situation of the three Benevolent Ones. In short, all the Automatons that were released create a problem, and the Unshackled need to pay for the fine.

➥ After receiving your reward from Jingyan in the Realm-Keeping Commission and achievement ‘Ends Above the Means,’ that’s the end of day 1 and you need to wait for a daily reset to get the continuation.

Bestial Ferocity: The End

➥ After a daily reset, Zhongshan should message you for the continuation. Head to the Exalting Sanctum and meet with Nannan.

➥ Reading the letter from Zhongshan, you can decide to tell the truth to Nannan or keep it a secret (it won’t affect the achievement). After finishing the conversation with Nannan, you will get the second achievement ‘Means Above the Ends‘ and complete the mission.


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