Best Battle Pass Light Cones

In Battle Pass of Honkai: Star Rail, Treasure of the Starry Seas is an item that can be obtained by purchasing the Nameless Glory or Nameless Medal (paid version of Battle Pass). After reaching Level 30 in the Battle Pass, you can choose 1 out of 7 Light Cones.

All Light Cones in Battle Pass

1) Abundance: Warmth Shortens Cold Night
➥ Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 16.0%. When using Basic ATK or Skill, restores all allies’ HP by an amount equal to 2.0% of their respective Max HP.

Recommended Characters: Bailu & Natasha
➥ This LC is not bad, but not that great either. The first bonus is good because both Bailu and Natasha’s healing skills depend on their Max HP. But, the second bonus only provides minuscule healing (albeit for all allies).

2) Nihility: We Will Meet Again
➥ After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill, deals Additional DMG equal to 48.0% of the wearer’s ATK to a random enemy that has been attacked.

Recommended Characters: Welt & Pela
➥ Have low potential at low Superimposition, don’t waste your money on this LC and choose a better LC. Additional damage is not worth it (even more so to one random enemy), especially if the character has a low base ATK. (It is unknown whether this buff will work every turn/every attack/once per battle, need more information as it doesn’t stated in the description)

3) Preservation: This Is Me!
➥ Increases the wearer’s DEF by 16.0%. Increases the DMG of the wearer when they use their Ultimate by 60.0% of the wearer’s DEF. This effect can only apply 1 time per enemy target.

Recommended Character: March 7th & Trailblazer (Fire)
➥ This LC is yet another decent one. The first bonus is good because it increases the wearer’s DEF (which they will need to apply a shield to themselves/allies). However, other LFs already provided this buff which are Day One of My New Life, and even Amber. The second bonus is quite bad because Preservation isn’t meant to be DPS in the first place, so even with the additional damage from the second buff, it won’t make a huge difference.

4) The Hunt: Return to Darkness
➥ Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 12.0%. After a CRIT Hit, there is a 16.0% fixed chance to dispel 1 buff on the target enemy. This effect can only trigger 1 time per attack.

Recommended Character: Seele, Dan Heng & Yanqing
➥ The first bonus is great because Crit Rate is always good for Hunt characters that deal single-target damage. However, the second bonus is very situational because the percentage to trigger the debuff-cleanse is very low. In addition, it won’t be of any use if the enemy doesn’t even have skills or allies to buff themselves (Although there are several enemies that can apply buff onto themselves that can be dispelled. Against them, this LC is really good).

5) Harmony: Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
➥ At the start of the battle and whenever the wearer’s turn begins, one of the following effects is applied randomly: All allies’ ATK increases by 10.0%, all allies’ CRIT DMG increases by 12.0%, or all allies’ Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 6.0%. The applied effect cannot be identical to the last effect applied, and will replace the previous effect. The applied effect will be removed when the wearer has been knocked down. Effects of the similar type cannot be stacked.

Recommended Characters: Tingyun
➥ This is overall a great LC. Although the buff will be random (but won’t be the same as the last buff in the next turn), each buff is great for the team. Bonus ATK/Crit Rate/Energy Regeneration Rate for all allies is always welcomed. This LC would be even better if you can Superimpose it.

6) Destruction: Nowhere to Run
➥ Increases the wearer’s ATK by 24.0%. Whenever the wearer defeats an enemy, they restore HP equal to 12.0% of their ATK.

Recommended Characters: Arlan
➥ The first bonus is good because of the universal ATK bonus. Meanwhile, the second bonus is decent for normal Destruction characters like Hook and Clara, but not very useful for Trailblazer (Physical) because their Eidolon can already help heal themselves. However, it is very useful for Arlan because his skill consumes his own HP to deal damage. But don’t forget that the requirement to trigger the second bonus is really tight. The wearer needs to be the one dealing the finishing blow to the enemies to activate the bonus and restore HP.

7) Erudition: Today Is Another Peaceful Day
➥ After entering battle, increases the wearer’s DMG based on their Max Energy. DMG increases by 0.2% per point of Energy, up to 160 Energy.

Recommended Characters: Herta, Serval, Qingque, Himeko & Jing Yuan.
➥ One of the best LC in the Battle Pass. A maximum of 32% increased DMG can be obtained if your character has 160 Energy. Not only it can provide bonus damage, but since it is based on the wearer’s Max Energy, this will make you focus on their Energy and thus lead to the character can easily fill their Ultimate.

Which LC is the Best?

➥ In terms of overall usefulness, Today Is Another Peaceful Day and Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds are arguably the best LC in the Battle Pass choices. If you get them, you can equip them with most characters in the respective classes.

➥ However! Don’t forget to look at your team and think about which LC suits your needs and best fits your characters. For example, you might lack Light Cones for Abundance, so choosing the Warmth Shortens Cold Night might be the best for you. Or maybe you need more DPS Light Cone, then your choice should be Return to Darkness. In other words, know what you need first in your team, so you can select the best Light Cone from the Battle Pass that suits your needs.

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