Second Closed Beta Latest Special Preview Section 1: Scenes and Maps

Belobog and Herta Space Station – Second Closed Beta Preview

Honkai: Star Rail is sharing their progress since the First Closed Beta, showing the improved Belobog map and the new Herta Space Station that players can explore in the Second Closed Beta.

Second Closed Beta Latest Special Preview Section 1: Scenes and Maps

Hi, Trailblazers! As you know, the latest special preview of the Second Closed Beta brings you up-to-date news on the game.

This time’s special preview is brought to you in two parts. Part one will take you back to Belobog to learn about the latest changes to the city. Part two will show you around the new Herta Space Station. Let’s explore together!

Belobog Scene Optimization

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

The Belobog map that Trailblazers explored in the First Closed Beta had many areas that could be improved upon. The Crew received a lot of valuable feedback that pointed us in the right direction for optimizing Belobog. In this regard, we have adjusted the art and atmosphere for various areas in Belobog.

■ Administrative District

When arriving at the Administrative District in the Belobog Overworld, Trailblazers will be able to see more unique town residents walking through the streets or chatting in small groups. On the main road, the Ding-Ding Tram will be busy shuttling between the two ends of the town, sometimes stopping at the roadside platform, and will avoid pedestrians by slowing down or emergency braking. In addition, the Administrative District now has many newly added facilities, such as shops and vending machines located all over the town. We hope that these design improvements will allow all Trailblazers to experience a fresh breath of life in the city.

Take a look at the pictures provided for the new-and-improved city!

Chatting residents

Traveling Ding-Ding Tram

Stores open for business

■ Great Mine, Rivet Town, and Boulder Town

In this beta version, we have adjusted the art design of various scenes in the Underworld. The Underworld is located underground, so the ambiance feels more like it is at night. The towns and the Administrative District shrouded in the darkness of night have different appearances. They quietly await the exploration of all Trailblazers.

The sky being obscured by huge buildings in Boulder Town

Additionally, the Underworld will feature two new maps during this beta test: Great Mine and Rivet Town.

Compared with the previous version, the new maps have not only replaced the overall environment with a nightscape, but more landmarks and distinct terrain have also been added. Also, the Mazes have been given a richer overall ecology. We hope that Trailblazers will have a more enjoyable experience in the new maps.

Great Mine Showcase

Rivet Town Showcase

■ New map unlocked: Herta Space Station!

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Herta Space Station is the personal property of Herta, Genius Society #83.

The list of personnel at the station is elaborate. It includes old followers of Herta, resident staff of the Interastral Peace Corporation, unaffiliated knowledge-seekers, as well as young scholars sent by various parties to study at the station.

The station’s research staff are simply called “researchers.” Upon joining the station, they are sorted into different departments according to their specialization and capabilities.

Other than Belobog, which Trailblazers have already explored, the Second Closed Beta introduces a brand new map to everyone — Herta Space Station!

The Space Station is mainly divided into four areas: the master control zone, base zone, storage zone, and supply zone. Different cabins also feature different designs and functions. The master control zone features the Watcher Zone for monitoring the energy reactions. The base zone is where the reception is located. The storage zone houses Curios and various types of Collection Rooms. The supply zone contains the railway platform… All these distinctly special areas on the Space Station await the exploration of Trailblazers.

Herta Space Station Showcase

On board the Space Station, Trailblazers will also unlock a new enemy force, the Antimatter Legion. The new Antimatter Legion enemies feature particle effects to convey the image of being under the influence of antimatter. This unique design style allows them to be more thematically in line with their faction.

Antimatter Legion Enemy Showcase

In addition to the dangerous and hostile enemies, monsters called Warp Trotter throw an interesting spanner in the works. These are interdimensional creatures that have become lost among the stars. Most of their lives are spent gathering, eating, and escaping. If Trailblazers are unable to defeat them quickly enough, Warp Trotters will escape from battle.

Warp Trotter Showcase

Herta Space Station’s scenes and game content are still being developed and perfected. We hope that all Trailblazers will be able to enjoy a fulfilling adventure in the new maps.

This concludes the first section of the Second Closed Beta Special Preview. We hope that Trailblazers have learned more about the scenes and maps contained in the beta through this section! The Special Preview will continue to bring you the latest reports on the game. For more exciting content, please follow the Second Closed Beta closely. See you in the next section~

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