Basic Introduction: Paths

What are Paths?

Destruction | Hunt | Erudition | Harmony | Nihility | Preservation | Abundance

➥ Paths might sound like a hard concept to understand, but it’s actually really easy. If you played a lot of RPG games, you may be familiar with the terms Classes or Job Level. Paths work in a similar way to those terms.

Currently, we have 7 Paths in Honkai: Star Rail.
1. The Destruction
2. The Hunt
3. The Erudition
4. The Harmony
5. The Nihility
6. The Preservation
7. The Abundance

The Destruction

Path Description: Those who follow the “Destruction” Path admire recklessness, anger, and destructive behavior.

➥ Deal outstanding amounts of damage and possess great survivability. Suitable for various combat scenarios. Characters of this Path excel at attacking from the front. They are the strongest when fighting alone in battle.

MC can deal single target attack and blast attack.

Example: Physical MC, a great and free Destruction character that can hold off even in the end-game (with a proper team of course). Can do a single attack and a blast attack.

The Hunt

Path Description: Those who follow the “Hunt” Path admire determination, ruthlessness, and tenacious behavior.

➥ Deal extraordinary amounts of single-target damage. The main damagers against Elite Enemies. Characters of this Path have extraordinary single-target damage, which is critical in blitz battles.

All of Dan Heng’s attacks are single targets only.

Example: Dan Heng, a great single-target nuker even if he is a starter character. Actually, that is why he’s great. He’s a free character but also deals decent damage to a single target (higher with buff etc).

The Erudition

Path Description: Those who follow the “Erudition” Path admire thinking, logic, and strategic behavior.

➥ Deal remarkable amounts of multi-target damage. The main damagers against a group of enemies. Characters of this Path have exceptional multi-target, AoE damage. Use their abilities at the right time to turn the tide of battle.

Himeko’s Ultimate deals AoE ATK.

Example: Himeko, with excellent kits overall that really effective in dealing damage to multiple enemies.

The Harmony

Path Description: Those who follow the “Harmony” Path admire understanding, support, and cooperative behavior.

Apply buffs to allies to improve the team’s combat capacities. Characters of this Path provide buffs to their allies and cooperate with allies to boost the party’s overall battle power.

Bronya’s Ultimate increases the whole team’s ATK and CRIT DMG.

Example: Bronya, the current best buffer in Honkai: Star Rail. Her skills can advance turn, buff the damage outcome, and increases attack and critical damage of character in her team.

The Nihility

Path Description: Those who follow the “Nihility” Path admire laziness, exhaustion, and meaningless behavior.

Apply debuffs to enemies to reduce their combat capacities. Characters from this Path will debuff their enemies and gain an advantage by reducing the enemy’s overall battle power.

Enemies’ move turn got moved to the lowest (on the left side).

Example: Welt, an infinite slow debuffer. Slowing enemies sounds useless but it’s pretty game-changing because it allows your team to have more turns compared to the enemies.

The Preservation

Path Description: Those who follow the “Preservation” Path admire patience, sacrifice, and defensive behavior.

➥ Possess powerful defensive abilities to protect allies in various ways. Characters from this Path have powerful defensive capabilities, which can protect allies in many ways.

Gepard’s Ultimate provides a defense buff to the team.

Example: Gepard. Quite obvious with his bulky armor and gigantic guitar cover shield that he is a defender. Healer and defender may clash their usefulness sometimes, but a trusty defender is always useful in mid-game and above especially against bosses that can one-shot your character.

The Abundance

Path Description: Those who follow the “Abundance” Path admire selflessness, altruism, and healing behavior.

Heal allies and restore HP to the team. Characters from this Path can heal wounded allies, making them indispensable in long battles.

Bailu’s Ultimate heals all allies.

Example: Bailu, a cute little healer that will force your characters to drink bitter medicine. But it’s effective so all is forgiven.


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