Basic Introduction: Elements and Weakness

What are Elements?

➥ You should be familiar with Visions in Genshin Impact and Elemental Damage from Honkai Impact 3rd. It’s the exact same thing with Elements in Honkai: Star Rail, where each playable character has their own sole element and their attacks (Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate) will deal matching elemental damage.

Physical | Fire | Ice | Lightning | Wind | Quantum | Imaginary

Currently, there are 7 elements in HSR:
1. Physical
2. Fire
3. Ice
4. Lightning
5. Wind
6. Quantum
7. Imaginary

What about Weakness?

➥ You will encounter all kinds of enemies during your adventure. Each of them has Weaknesses (element icons on top of their HP and Toughness bar) that can be exploited by using attacks of the same elemental attacks.

Use attacks of the same Elemental Type as the enemy’s Weakness to deplete the enemy’s Toughness. When the enemy’s Toughness reaches zero, a Weakness Break will be triggered, causing the enemy to take more DMG and delaying their action.

➥ In simpler terms, Toughness is like their shield. Once the shield is down (by using elemental damage), the enemies will receive more damage and debuff based on respective elements.

Weakness Break: Physical

➥ Using Physical attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Physical DMG and apply the Bleed effect, dealing Physical DoT (Damage over time).

Weakness Break: Fire

➥ Using Fire attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Fire DMG and apply the Burn effect, dealing Fire DoT (Damage over time).

Weakness Break: Ice

➥ Using Ice attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Ice DMG and apply the Frozen effect, immobilizing the enemy and dealing Ice DoT.

Weakness Break: Lightning

➥ Using Lightning attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Lightning DMG and apply the Shock effect, dealing Lightning DoT (Damage over time).

Weakness Break: Wind

➥ Using Wind attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Wind DMG and apply the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind DoT (Damage over time).

Weakness Break: Quantum

➥ Using Quantum attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Quantum DMG and apply an Entanglement effect, delaying the enemy’s action and dealing Quantum DoT (Damage over time).

Weakness Break: Imaginary

➥ When using an Imaginary attack to inflict a Weakness Break on a target enemy, the attack will deal Imaginary DMG and additionally inflicts Imprisonment. Imprisoned enemies suffer from delayed actions and SPD reduction.

Weakness Attack

➥ During exploration, you can see the enemies’ weaknesses when approaching them. Enemies usually have multiple Weaknesses (Which can be seen at the top of the screen). Using attacks of the same type as any of the Weaknesses to trigger combat will deplete the corresponding enemies’ Toughness.


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