Bailu Companion Mission Guide

Bailu has once again escaped from the Alchemy Commission, but it turns out that this "escaped" was actually an unexpected "house call"!

1) Reach Trailblaze Level 34 or higher
2) Compete Trailblaze Mission ‘Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns’

1. Go to the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery and speak with Dahao
➥ Teleport to Court of Tranquility space anchor in Exalting Sanctum. Head north towards the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery.

2. Head to the Exalting Sanctum and find Bailu
➥ Get out of the Chancery and head upstairs to find Bailu with another person in a restaurant. Amidst the heated discussion with Banxia, Bailu noticed someone from the Alchemy Commission.

3. Help Bailu and the nurse evade the Alchemy Commission’s search
➥ You need to find a place for them to hide first. Choose the room right beside the restaurant.

4. Talk with the Alchemy Commission healer and ascertain his motive
➥ When talking to the Anxious Alchemy Commission Doctor, most of the options will lead you to a battle with Mara-Struck Soldiers. The one that won’t lead to battle is (I’m here to catch her as well > Unity of Discipuli Medicus, the Immortality’s true path) and the suspicious Alchemy Commission will give you 4 items.

5. Investigate the identity of the Alchemy Commission healer and obtain evidence of his involvement
➥ This objective is only given if you entered the battle above, else you will immediately go to the next objective. Check every pocket until you obtain all these (automatically obtained if you didn’t enter the battle above):
1) Golden Badge ×1
2) Disciples of Sanctus Medicus Letter ×1
3) Folded Photo ×1
4) Strange Prescription ×1

6. Tell Bailu and the nurse about the stalker
➥ Head back to the room before and coax Bailu out from hiding.

➥ To prove that the doctor from the Alchemy Commission was looking for Banxia, give her the second item on the list: Disciples of Sanctus Medicus Letter. (Hold the item to read the name of said item)

➥ To prove that Banxia is a disciple of Sanctus Medicus, show them the fourth item on the list: Strange Prescription.

7. Ask Banxia why she is hiding something
➥ Continue the conversation and ask Banxia why is she hiding all those from Bailu. After that, ask Bailu what she wants to do.

8. Find Guangda and leave with his starskiff
➥ Go back to Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery but stopped from entering and talk to Guangda outside of the building.

9. Go to the first meet-up point
➥ You need to create a team before getting to Cloudford, but there will be no Trial Bailu here. Unfortunately, Liangmu is not at the first meet-up point.

10. Search for clues left by the patient within the area
➥ There is only one clue here you can find and it is on top of a floating lifter. Give Bailu the clues you found.

11. Follow the clues and go to the next meet-up point
➥ The second meet-up point can be seen in the image above but there is a Mara-Struck Soldier you need to defeat before you can interact with the note on top of a small box. After that, you need to enter another battle again- even with the appearance of Xueyi.

12. Bypass the Cloud Knights and go to the next meet-up point
➥ You need to bypass the Cloud Knight by dressing as Cloud Knight. Look around for and change into Cloud Knights’ armor (they are just beside the stairs).

13. Banxia’s mara symptoms are acting up, help her get there slowly
➥ Walk slowly behind Banxia until reaching the third meet-up location.

14. Step aside, let Banxia “come alone”
➥ Hide behind the building and let Banxia call out to Liangmu. After Banxia completely transformed into a Mara-Struck Soldier, you need to defeat her to honor the promise.

15. Continue and look for Banxia’s sweetheart
➥ From the previous location after defeating Banxia, you can find her lover southeast near the dock. When he asks for Banxia, you can either conceal the truth or tell him the truth. Both will give a different achievement, but you can only get one of them.

16. Lead the man to find Banxia’s body
➥ If you choose to tell the truth by the option “That mara-struck monster just now was Banxia,” lead him back to the location where you defeat Banxia. After that, you will know the truth about their ‘love story’ and complete the mission. This will give you the achievement Where Can A Wanderer Rest.

➥ If you choose to lie and choose “Banxia was busy – she couldn’t make time to come,” you will teleport back to Starskiff Haven and get the achievement For Old Times’ Sake. This is not the end as there will be another small continuation mission after this.

➥ Liangmu will message you about gifts and letters he wants to leave for Banxia, and you can take them from a cycrane in Starskiff Haven by following the quest navigation.

➥ Meet up with Bailu to discover the truth about Banxia and Liangmu’s ‘love story’ and end the companion mission for good.


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