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Argenti Character Guide

Argenti is an AoE DPS character who can use a more powerful Ultimate by consuming more Energy. The more targets Argenti hits, the more his Crit Rate increases, and the more Energy he regenerates.

Huohuo Character Guide

Introduction Huohuo is a healer character who can regenerate Energy and boost ATK for multiple allies, and restore HP to all members of the team. Skills Overview Basic Attack – Banner: Stormcaller Deals Wind DMG equal to 25%—55% of Huohuo’s…

Guinaifen Character Guide

Introduction Guinaifen is a support character who can inflict Burn on enemy targets, as well as increase the damage taken by enemies suffering from Burn. Skills Overview Basic Attack – Standing Ovation Deals Fire DMG equal to 50%–110% of Guinaifen’s…

Topaz and Numby Character Guide

Introduction Topaz operates with her work partner, Numby. In battle, Numby will automatically attack enemies, while Topaz can enhance Numby’s DMG. In exploration, Numby will move with Topaz and can discover unobtained treasure. Skills Overview Basic Attack – Deficit… Deals…

Jingliu Character Guide

Introduction Jingliu is a DPS character that enhances her own attacks by entering a special state. In battle, she utilizes the special state to strengthen herself, have her Action Advanced, and use powerful abilities. Skills Overview Basic Attack – Lucent…

Lynx Character Guide

The youngest daughter of the Landau family, and one of Belobog's best extreme environments explorers. She is highly capable of action despite her apparent lack of motivation. She's only appears introverted and lazy to avoid unnecessary socialization.

Luka Character Guide

Luka's Skill can inflict Bleed on enemies. During combat, he can gain stacks of Fighting Will through various methods. By consuming a certain number of Fighting Will stacks, he can use Enhanced Basic ATKs that can immediately deal additional Bleed DMG .