Asta Companion Mission Guide

A mysterious person gets you into the anonymous group chat for the space station, where a rumor about Asta misappropriating public funds is gaining popularity. Righteous as you are, you want to step up and challenge this rumor, but where will you start your investigation? As you puzzle over this, a sudden thought comes to you - why not ask the omnipotent Himeko?

How to Get: Read the ‘Madam Herta’s Heritor Club‘ message from the Incoming Message Notification. You can only trigger it after completing the Trial of Equilibrium: Part One mission which will increase your Equilibrium level.

1. Ask Himeko about the rumors in the space station
➥ Teleport to Pom-Pom in Parlor Car and talk to Himeko to start the quest.

2. Head to the space station and find the whereabouts of the Gossipmonger
➥ Teleport to Watcher Zone space anchor in Master Control Zone and head southwest following the quest navigation. You won’t find Gossipmonger at first glance, so you need to ask a few couples about their whereabouts. The specific NPC you need to talk to is a lady with a pink suit and a blonde man with a blue suit.

3. Speak with the Security Department member and enter the locked area
➥ Teleport to Central Passage space anchor in Master Control Zone and talk to the security member just behind you. You need to fight a few enemies after interacting with him.

4. Signs of Fragmentum
➥ On this floor, you need to head to 3 locations and collect the backup batteries (You can’t open the map here so just follow the navigation). All of them are marked on the map, but there will be many enemies here so be careful.

5. Hand over the backup batteries and restart the elevator
➥ Once you get all 3 batteries, talk to the maintenance staff to restart the elevator and head to find Gossipmonger on the floor above. Again, there will be monsters here so be sure to prepare your team.

6. Speak with Himeko and obtain her consent to take her picture
➥ Turns out, Gossipmonger is quite an eccentric person and wants a picture of Himeko in exchange for the information. You will automatically be sent to Master Control Zone so follow the navigation until you reach Himeko.

7. Find the researcher that fits Pamela’s description
➥ Teleport to the Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone and talk to a blacked-hair researcher wearing glasses + a white outfit with blue parts on it.

8. Report to Asta
➥ Teleport to Central Passage space anchor in Master Control Zone and talk to Asta to complete the quest.

Visitor Verification!
➥ Asta has become a visitor to the Express. You might come across Asta when you return to the Express.

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