Asta Build Guide

The Harmony – Fire

Role: Sub-DPS / Buffer

Skill Priority: Ultimate > Talent > Skill > Normal

Relics And Sub-stats

Relic Set and Stats
Relic Sets
1. Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Planetary Sets
1. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat:
Body: HP%
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: HP%
Link Rope: Energy Regen%

Sub Stat Priority: SPD > HP% = DEF% 


  • Skill has decent shield break
  • E1 Additional damage instance
  • E2 After using Ultimate Charge stacks will not be reduced for 1 turn
  • E4 15% energy regen 
  • E6 loses 1 less charge stack per turn 

First Impressions and Early Analysis

Asta can be used in any team to provide an ATK buff and SPD buff. She can also be played as a Sub DPS in a mono Fire team if she has her Signature Light Cone Planetary Rendezvous. 

Recommended Lightcones


But the Battle Isn’t Over Planetary Rendezvous Dance! Dance! Dance!



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