Arlan Companion Mission Guide

Asta seems to have encountered something worrying indeed. She's waiting for you at "the old place." Head over and find out what happened.

How to Get: Start the mission ‘Sensitive Beings (I)‘ and make sure to be in Herta Space Station so Asta will send you a message in the Incoming Message Notification.

1. Find out more details from Asta
➥ Teleport to any space anchor in the Master Control Zone and head to Asta’s one and only location in the middle of the area to find out what has happened.

2. Follow Peppy
➥ After talking to Asta, follow Peppy to find the missing Arlan. He will bring you to a group of people listening to Capote’s dramatic speech. Here, you need to choose the correct dialogue to continue the task or you need to restart the talk with the casanova again and again.

3. Fish information out of Professor Capote
➥ Choose the following options to proceed in the story:
1. (Nod in approval)
2. (Spares no effort in praising Capote’s character)
3. Threaten Capote with dismissal from the space station

4. Talk to Capote’s fans
➥ Once you’re done with him, talk to one of his fangirls with brown hair wearing glasses. She will give you 3 items that you will use later. Pass on all the clues you learned to Asta, she will be standing in the same spot as before.

5. Follow Peppy again
➥ Teleport to Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone and follow Peppy until you meet Danheng and the lackeys. You need to fight the enemies in front of them so make sure to bring a party you’re comfortable with. After you’re done talking to them, they will give you another 3 items to be used later with Arlan. Talk to Asta nearby since she also followed you here.

6. Keep following Peppy
➥ Teleport to Railway Platform space anchor in Supply Zone and keep following the best dog. This time, he will bring you to March 7th just by looking at her photo instead of her scent. March will give you a photo of Arlan and you will be using this later.

7. Track down the suspicious crystals and find Arlan
➥ Teleport to Spare Parts Warehouse space anchor in Supply Zone and turn around to find the suspicious crystals. If you didn’t defeat the Formidable Foe, you need to because they will disturb your progress and can’t interact with the crystals.

8. Find Arlan and interrogate him
➥ Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor still in Supply Zone and defeat the enemies in front of Arlan before you can talk to him. This time, you need to choose the correct items to submit as proof for Asta.

9. Provide all the proof
➥ Choose the following items and give them to Asta as evidence:
1. Master Capote’s Life Wiki
2. Arlan’s ID Pass

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