Ancestor’s Drill Bit Mission Guide

Serval sends you a message to thank you for helping Molly and invites you to accompany Molly in the “Workshop.” According to Serval, Molly hasn’t recovered from that accident. Go to the “Workshop” to check on Molly when you’re free.

How to Get: You will get a message from ‘Serval‘ from the Incoming Message Notification after a daily reset once completing the Out of Control Adventure Mission – which is connected because it features the same NPC and Pela (playable character).

Here is the guide for the Out of Control Adventure Mission.

1. Go to the Workshop to check on Molly
➥ Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor in Administrative District and head southeast to Serval’s Workshop to start the quest. When there is an option to choose who to ask for help, I choose Pela.

2. Go to the Book Merchant and find Pela
➥ Get out of the workshop and go to the bookstore on the north in search of Pela.

3. Talk to Pela and go to the northern fortress Corridor of Fading Echoes
➥ After a lot of persuading, Pela will bring you to the Old Fortress Scavenge to search for Molly’s key.

4. Look for clues in the Corridor of Fading Echoes
➥ You can’t use the map function on this challenge so you can just run around to look for clues. The first one is in front of a gate and a bunch of barb-wired barricades. You need to stomp hard on the floor tile.

5. Look for the next clue in the Corridor of Fading Echoes
➥ Keep following the navigation and the second clue is on top of the boxes right before the Searing Prowler (red big machine enemy guarding the gate)

6. Continue to look for clues in the Corridor of Fading Echoes
➥ The last clue is on top of the staircase after you follow the navigation. Make sure to use Findie to spot the exact location.

7. Unlock the Gear Bridge
➥ You need to solve a puzzle on the controller before you can use it to move the bridge. The answers are:
– Clockwise rotation arrow
– Counterclockwise rotation arrow
– Clockwise rotation arrow

8. Go meet Pela
➥ After the controller is activated, interact with it and ‘Turn Counter-Clockwise’ twice so you can reach Pela on the other end of the bridge.

9. Defeat the monsters guarding the key
➥ The last task in this challenge is to defeat another Searing Prowler to get Molly’s key. Don’t forget you can use the Sustenance Anchor to recover health for all your characters in the party.

10. Hand the Key to Molly
➥ Once out from the fortress, you will be transported to the front of Serval’s workshop. Enter it and hand the key to Molly to complete the mission.

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