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How to Start

1. This Adventure Mission is unlocked when you finish the main story for Belobog. After completing the main story, you will receive a message from Oleg informing you about the Corridor of Fading Echoes. This message can be found at the bottom right of the mini-map.

2. Teleport to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and use the teleporter shown in the image above.

3. Talk to Liaison Officer William to select and start a stage.

How to Clear

List of Objectives for this stage.

Enemies found in this stage.

We highly recommend having a strong Fire AoE DPS for stage 3 as the boss will summon minions and there are several mobs of enemies in this stage.

1. Walk up to the generator then go left up the slope to find your first Thermal Core. Bring the Thermal Core to the Snowshine Lamp, then defeat the nearby enemies.

2. Continue forward to the left side and activate the terminal.

3. Grab the Thermal Core in the middle of the bridge and deposit it on the right side.

4. You will then want to return back to where you came from and use the terminal to rotate the bridge Clockwise as shown in the image above. If done correctly the enemies should be inflicted with the Thermic Infirmity debuff.

5. Return to the area that has the first Snowshine Lamp and take the right path this time. Here you will encounter 3 enemies bundled up together, after defeating these enemies head to the terminal in front of you and rotate it clockwise.

6. Head to the right side and operate the terminal once more to rotate the bridge Clockwise 2 times.

7, There will be 3 enemies along the pathway. simply aggro them towards the AoE for the objective.

8. After defeating the enemies return to the terminal and rotate the bridge Clockwise to give yourself access to the topmost area.

9. Once you reach the terminal at the top portion of the map, you will want to rotate the bridge either Clockwise 2 times or Counter Clockwise 2 times. The end result should look similar to the image above.

10. Finally simply just attack the boss as it should already be in the Snowshine Lamp AoE.

Frigid Prowler summoning 2 Otherlings

For the final boss you will have to fight a Frigid Prowler, It has 2 skills you will want to look out for. The first of which is Summon Otherling, as the name implies this allows the boss to summon 2 minions which deal a respectable amount of damage. It is important to nuke both of them down as they can become a problem very quickly if ignored.

The boss gaining an ATK buff, after successfully absorbing an Otherling.

We ideally want to defeat both Otherlings before they are absorbed, if you decide to ignore the Otherlings the boss will absorb them and gain a massive boost to its attack stat. However, if you defeat both Otherlings in time the boss’s DEF will be reduced for a certain amount of time.

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