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How to Start

1. This Adventure Mission is unlocked when you finish the main story for Belobog. After completing the main story, you will receive a message from Oleg informing you about the Corridor of Fading Echoes. This message can be found at the bottom right of the mini-map.

2. Teleport to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and use the teleporter shown in the image above.

3. Talk to Liaison Officer William to select and start a stage.

How to Clear

List of Objectives for this stage.

Enemies found in this stage.

We highly recommend having an AoE DPS, as there are several mobs of enemies in this stage.

Blue number = Snowshine Lamp || Red number = Thermal Core || Arrow = Pathing

Similar to stage 1 there is not much difference in the mechanics for stage 2, however, we do recommend you bring a strong ST damage dealer to deal with the boss

1. First walk up to the room in front of you then head to the stairs to the right in front of you, here you will find your first Thermal Core and Snowshine Lamp. Try to time your descent the enemy is walking away to be able to safely plant the Thermal Core.

2. Next lure of the Imaginary Weavers into the AoE of the Snowshine Lamp. After you have defeated both enemies, head down the stairs and take the path to the left.

3. Recover the Thermal Core and place it into the Snowshine Lamp in front of you. You will then want to operate the terminal then rotate the bridge Counter Clockwise. To reach the next batch of enemies you will want to walk onto the bridge and then head left.

4. After defeating the enemies, access the terminal then rotate the bridge Counter Clockwise.

5. After crossing the bridge, there will be 2 enemies waiting right by the stairs. Simply lure them in towards the Snowshine Lamp.

6. Operate the terminal one last time then rotate it Counter Clockwise. The final enemy you will have to face is a Ice Out of Space. It is a relatively straightforward boss fight, a standout character to bring along would be Asta as her shield break can come in handy to break the boss’s shield to cancel the Frosty Absorption state.

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