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How to Start

1. This Adventure Mission is unlocked when you finish the main story for Belobog. After completing the main story, you will receive a message from Oleg informing you about the Corridor of Fading Echoes. This message can be found at the bottom right of the mini-map.

2. Teleport to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and use the teleporter shown in the image above.

3. Talk to Liaison Officer William to select and start a stage.

How to Clear

List of Objectives for this stage.

Enemies found in this stage.

We highly recommend having an AoE DPS, as there are several mobs of enemies in this stage.

Thermic Core = Red. Snowshine Lamp = Blue

This stage’s main mechanic involves gathering the Thermic Cores found around in the Domain and slotting them into the Snowshine Lamp. If there are any enemies caught inside the AoE of the Snowshine Lamp they will have an additional Fire Weakness applied onto them and take increased Fire damage. This makes Himeko and Hook good DPS options if you are struggling to clear this stage.

As you clear the first few waves near the first Snowshine Lamp walk towards the Gate, there will be another set of Thermic cores and Snowshine Lamps you can activate. While there will be enemies roaming around the area, you can simply wait for them to move away from the Thermic core to retrieve it.

After clearing the enemies in the main area, simply aggro the last 2 enemies towards the AoE of the Snowshine Lamp. After defeating the last 2 enemies report back to Oleg for your reward.

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