All 17 Treasure Chest Locations in Fyxestroll Garden

Chest #11 and #12 are hidden inside the bronze mirror. Once you get them, you will also get the achievement ‘Through the Narrows to Paradise Beyond.’ A little reminder that I started collecting the treasure chests after completing the new Trailblaze Continuance Missions regarding this area.

This guide does NOT include the treasure chests obtained from the Pathfinders puzzle and Cycrance puzzle that was also located in this area.

17 Treasure Chest Locations in Fyxestroll Garden

1. At the end of the gazebo northeast from the central area.

2. Directly south from the previous spot.

3. In front of the sitting area.

4. Formidable Foe challenge southwest from the previous spot.

5. Beside the huge green mechanism.

6. Formidable Foe beside the staircase east of the new boss area.

7. Warp Trotter at the far southwest of the map.

8. Just behind the Warp Trotter.

9. In front of 2 enemies at the far northwest of the map.

10. Behind the bronze mirror inside the not-so-hidden area past the bamboo path. Investigate the bronze mirror to teleport to another area.

Only one mirror here, enter it

11. Enter the first mirror here. Then, you will see another 3 mirrors. Enter the left one where you can see 2 Heliobus. You will see a treasure chest in front of you.

12. After you take the chest before, turn right a little bit and you will see a mirror with 2 Heliobus. Enter this mirror (it’s the middle one out of the three mirrors). After you arrive, turn around and you will see a chest on the opposite island. Walk towards there and after taking the chest, you will get the achievement ‘Through the Narrows to Paradise Beyond.’ Enter the mirror on your left to get out of this dimension.

13. Behind Miaodian & in front of the huge green mechanism.

14. On a red carpet just before 2 guards.

15. Beside the stairs.

16. Beside the elevator.

17. Investigate the rock on the left if your elevator isn’t here to summon it back down. Keep going down the path till the end for the last chest.


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