There are 20 Memory Bubbles in Herta Space Station but you can only interact with it after talking to a certain Herta puppet. Once you collect every Memory Bubbles, you will get an achievement ‘Sensory Socialization‘ and a total of 20000 Credits.

Talk to Herta

➥ Memory Bubbles can only be interacted with after you talk to someone who knows what it is = Herta.

➥ The Herta you need to talk to is located in the Supply Zone, west of the Railway Platform space anchor. She will ask you to sign an NDA agreement to know more about the strange bubbles. Once all is done, you can now interact with the Memory Bubbles.

Memory Bubbles Locations

➥ HoYoLAB (the official HoYoverse gaming forum) made an interactive map with the locations of all Memory Bubbles. Unfortunately, you can’t hide the pins for the Memory Bubbles you already obtain (unlike the Genshin Impact map they made).

➥ You can download the images below and manually cross out the Memory Bubbles you collected. The image is edited with numbers, where I will show the screenshot for each Memory Bubble’s location in case there are people who struggle to find a specific Memory Bubble.

Master Control Zone
Base Zone
Storage Zone 1F
Storage Zone 2F
Supply Zone 2F

Specific Locations

Memory Bubble #1

➥ At the corner of the space station, just beside Hinkel.

Memory Bubble #2

➥ Between a monitor and a wall that is just beside the space anchor.

Memory Bubble #3

➥ Beside a staircase, near an old couple of researchers.

Memory Bubble #4

➥ In front of Herta’s Office.

Memory Bubble #5

➥ Trapped between multiple trolleys, near the Maintenance Engineer NPC.

Memory Bubble #6

➥ Inside the Monitoring Room.

Memory Bubble #7

➥ On the second floor of the Reception Center area.

Memory Bubble #8

➥ Inside the infirmary, specifically on top of the bed in a box-like room.

Memory Bubble #9

➥ Just beside the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Quanta.

Memory Bubble #10

➥ In the artifact (?) room, near the item in the center of the room.

Memory Bubble #11

➥ Just beside the space anchor, in front of the elevator.

Memory Bubble #12

➥ Inside the Control Center room, right in the middle of the room.

Memory Bubble #13

➥ At the end of the corridor.

Memory Bubble #14

➥ Inside the farthest room, with Capote sulking at the corner of the room.

Memory Bubble #15

➥ Beside the pot, with Herta at the end of the corridor.

Memory Bubble #16

➥ Just outside the meeting room.

Memory Bubble #17

➥ Inside the huge room east of the Electrical Room space anchor.

Memory Bubble #18

➥ Near the space anchor.

Memory Bubble #19

➥ Yet another one near the space anchor, you can see Herta (the one you need to talk to before) at the end of the corridor.

Memory Bubble #20

➥ Near the Astral Express train.

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