All 5 Treasure Chest Locations in Pillars of Creation

The official interactive map is updated (but not completely) with all the landmarks/treasures/enemy pins and you can see it in the image above (or click on the link if you want to see the interactive map itself). By the time I posted this guide, the map only marked 4 treasure chests on the map, but there are 5 of them. I’d mark the missing chest with an orange circle in the image above.

Treasure: 5

5 Treasure Chests in Pillars of Creation

1. Basic Treasure near the Entrance space anchor.

2. Basic Treasure beside a Frozen Trash Can near the Construction Site space anchor. You can also get a hidden achievement ‘Ice Grim’ by interacting with the trash can.

3. Basic Treasure near a group of construction workers behind the Construction Site space anchor.

4. Basic Treasure beside a long table at the circular platform. You can get a hidden achievement ‘Legs Are Just for Show Anyway’ by interacting with the architects there.

5. Basic Treasure at the end of the broken bridge with NPC and an Automaton beside her.


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