Aetherium Wars Event Guide (Great Mine)

The popular game, Aetherium Wards, is currently holding the “Interastral Tournament Festival,” where players are all set to show their strength.

Victory Zone Guides:
Corridor of Fading Echoes
Herta Space Station
Great Mine

Great Mine

1. Defeat the championship contender in the Victory Zone
2. Obtain all Aether Spirits in the Victory Zone
3. Defeat all challengers in this Victory Zone

The official interactive map is updated with all the landmarks/treasures/enemy pins and you can see it in the image above (or click on the link if you want to see the interactive map itself).

Treasure: 5
Aether Spirit: 4
Challenger: 5

➥ In this Victory Zone, there are no complicated puzzles. The only ‘difficult’ thing you need to do is control Automaton Spiders and lead it to the IPC goons.

➥ For the first one, simply walk towards the IPC that had his back towards you.

➥ For the second one, wait until the IPC Employee walks to the front (his back toward you) before you get super close to them and explode the Automaton.

➥ For the third one, crawl around the pillar first and head to the back of the IPC Employees who are not roaming around. Once the one that keeps moving is inside the AoE, detonate the Automaton.

➥ For the last one, go to the right side (behind the immobilized IPC Employees). When the big one stomps back to the 2 Employees, go to their side immediately and detonate the Automaton.


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  1. Uh the interactive says that there’s only one precious and three common chest but the guide says five total… did u put in an extra one?

    • There are 5 treasure chests (based on in-game). Looks like the map isn’t completely updated yet. Hopefully they will soon.

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