Aetherium Wars Event Guide (Corridor of Fading Echoes Victory Zone)

The popular game, Aetherium Wards, is currently holding the “Interastral Tournament Festival,” where players are all set to show their strength.

Victory Zone Guides:
Corridor of Fading Echoes
Herta Space Station
Great Mine

Gameplay Overview

Event Duration:
After the V1.4 update – 2023/11/13 03:59 (Server time)
※ After the limited-time event concludes, Aetherium Wars will be moved to Conventional Memoir, where Trailblazers can continue to experience its gameplay.

Complete the Trailblaze Continuance “Jarilo-VI — Future Market (II)”

Event Details:
● The event will adopt special battle rules, and the Trailblazers will have to fight opponents using Aether Spirits.
● The goal of the event is to win the title of Champion in the Interastral Tournament Festival. Trailblazers will need to pass the trials of the four “Victory Zones” one by one and defeat the “championship contender” to earn “Mastery Marks.” Collecting Mastery Marks will quality you to enter the tournament.
● In the event’s Challenge Mode, “Hyperlink Match,” Trailblazers can face off against other players in the universe in an Aether Spirit match, and see who from your past journeys you will come across.
● During the challenge, you can meet various players and Aether Spirits, and strengthen your Aether Spirit team by collecting, battling, training, and upgrading them.

Basic Rules

➥ Successively challenge four Victory Zone trials and defeat the championship contenders to win Mastery Marks. Collect 4 Mastery Marks to qualify for the tournament.

➥ Complete various missions in Aetherium Wars to raise your Victory Rating and unlock rewards.

➥ The terminal has other functions as well. You can check how to build your Aether Spirits.

➥ There are other Aetherium Wards players in the world. Heading into matches and claiming victory will continuously unlock new opponents for you.

➥ After you complete all challenges, you will also unlock exhibition matches, which will allow you to re-challenge elite opponents that were encountered before.

Corridor of Fading Echoes Victory Zone

1. Defeat the championship contender in the Victory Zone
2. Obtain all Aether Spirits in the Victory Zone
3. Defeat all challengers in this Victory Zone

The official interactive map is updated with all the landmarks/treasures/enemy pins and you can see it in the image above (or click on the link if you want to see the interactive map itself). But I also edited the image and added red squares to indicate the position of Snowshine Lamp puzzles.
Red square: Snowshine Lamp

Treasure: 5
Aether Spirit: 5
Challenger: 5

How To Use Snowshine Lamp

Snowshine Lamps #1

Step 1: The first puzzle is extremely easy as you only need to push the lamp here upward 2 times.

Snowshine Lamps #2

Step 1: Push boxes #1 and #2 downwards 1 time.

Step 2: Push box #3 to the left once and box #4 upwards once.

Step 3: Push box #3 downward 1 time and push box 5 all the way to the left and upward once. Don’t forget to get the treasure chest here!

Snowshine Lamps #3

Step 1: Push box #1 to the left once. Then, push boxes #2 and #3 to the right 2 times.

Step 2: Push box #4 to the right 3 times. After this puzzle is completed, you can reset the puzzle and push the boxes again to get the treasure chest.

Snowshine Lamps #4

Step 1: Push box #1 downward 1 time and push box #2 to the left 1 time.

Step 2: Push box #3 upward 1 time and push box #4 downward 1 time.

Step 3: Push box #5 all the way to the left and upward once.

Follow the navigation and turn the bridge Clockwise 2 times to complete the 4th Showshine Lamp.


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