Aetherium Wars Event Details

Developed by the Interastral Peace Corporation, “Aetherium Wars” is a trading card battle game that uses “Aether Coins” as its medium, and has taken the universe by storm since its release. In this game, any organism’s data can be transformed into “Aether Spirits” for players to “collect, battle, train, and upgrade.” Currently, the IPC has decided to organize an “Interastral Tournament Festival” in Belobog, where Aetherium Wars players from all over the universe will compete for the title of “Champion.”

Limited-Time Event Period

After the version 1.4 update –2023/11/13 03:59:00 (Server time)

※ After the limited-time event concludes, Aetherium Wars will be moved to Conventional Memoir, where Trailblazers can continue to experience its gameplay.

Event Requirement

Complete the Trailblaze Continuance “Jarilo-VI — Future Market (II)”

Event Rewards

Regular Rewards

Limited-time Rewards

※ Fateful Crossings: Aetherium Wars: Choose one 4-star character from Serval (Erudition: Lightning), Pela (Nihility: Ice), Hook (Destruction: Fire), or Luka (Nihility: Physical).

Event Details

● The event will adopt special battle rules, and the Trailblazers will have to fight opponents using Aether Spirits.
● The goal of the event is to win the title of Champion in the Interastral Tournament Festival. Trailblazers will need to pass the trials of each of the four “Victory Zones” one by one and defeat the “championship contender” to earn “Mastery Marks.” Collecting four Mastery Marks will qualify you to enter the tournament.
● In the event’s Challenge Mode, “Hyperlink Match,” Trailblazers can face off against other players in the universe in an Aether Spirit match, and see who from your past journeys you will come across.
● During the challenge, you can meet various players and Aether Spirits, and strengthen your Aether Spirit team by collecting, battling, training, and upgrading them.


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