This achievement can be obtained after you find 7 posters in Jarilo-VI and take down the poster by interacting with them. By the end, you will get 20 Shields, a Wanted Poster Profile Picture, and an achievement ’50 Credits?’

1st Poster

➥ Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and go down the stairs. March 7th’s poster is just beside the blue car.

2nd Poster

➥ From the previous location, look at the blue car (southwest), and you will notice another poster at the front. It’s Dan Heng.

3rd Poster

➥ From the previous location, turn around 180 degrees and you will see Sampo’s poster near a vending machine.

4th Poster

➥ From the previous location, head west past a chair and a heater and look at the wall on your left. This is another of Dan Heng’s posters but by another artist.

5th Poster

➥ Teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor and head southwest to the open-air cafe. You can see Sampo’s poster V2 near the big signboard.

6th Poster

➥ From the previous location, head northwest towards the stairs (but don’t climb it). Go past the trash can and look to the wall on your left. This is March 7th’s second poster.

7th Poster

➥ Lastly, turn around and go to the yellow signboard beside the stairs that leads to the underground cable car area. That is our glorified MC poster.


➥ Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor and enter the Qlipoth Fort. You can talk to Pela and ask about the posters.

➥ Teleport to Frontline space anchor in Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and talk to Gepard about the posters.

Color Code: F88989


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