Version 1.2 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

If you missed the redemption codes, check it out here: 3 New Redemption Codes | 300 Stellar Jades

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Phase 1

➥ Blade (5-Star)
➥ Arlan, Sushang & Natasha (4-Star)

Phase 2

➥ Kafka (5-Star)
➥ Luka, Sampo & Serval (4-Star)

New Characters

1) Blade

Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Destruction
Element: Wind

Skill: Hellscape
Blade’s Skill consumes a set amount of his own HP and initiates Hellscape. While Hellscape is active, Blade deals greater DMG, and his Basic ATK is enhanced from Shard Sword to Forest of Swords. While Shard Sword is a single-target attack, Forest of Swords deals DMG to multiple enemies.

Talent: Shuhu’s Gift
When Blade’s HP decreases, his Talent is triggered, granting him a Charge. When Charges are fully stacked, Blade unleashes a follow-up attack on all enemies, and recovers a set amount of HP.

Technique: Karma Wind
Consumes his HP and deals Wind DMG to all enemies after entering battle.

Ultimate: Death Sentence
When Blade unleashes his Ultimate, his HP is set to 50% of his Max HP, and he deals massive DMG to a single target and adjacent enemies.

2) Kafka

Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Nihility
Element: Lightning

Skill: Caressing Moonlight
Her Skill deals Lightning DMG to multiple targets. If an enemy is afflicted with DoT, they receive an additional bout of DoT DMG. That is to say, if an enemy is already afflicted with DoT, they receive additional DMG both during their turn and after Kafka’s attack.

Talent: Gentle but Cruel
After an ally of Kafka’s uses Basic ATK on an enemy, Kafka immediately launches a follow-up attack.

Technique: Mercy Is Not Forgiveness
Kafka’s Technique can attack all enemies within a set range, and deals Lightning DMG to all enemies after entering battle.

Ultimate: Twilight Trill
Kafka’s Ultimate deals Lightning DMG to all enemies, with a chance of Shocking targets and immediately dealing additional DMG to those already Shocked.

3) Luka

Rarity: 4-Star
Path: Nihility
Element: Physical

Skill: Lacerating Fist
Deals Physical DMG to a single target and has a chance to inflict Bleed.

Talent: Flying Sparks
Luka can obtain Fighting Will through a variety of attacks. When Fighting Will reaches a certain number of stacks, his Basic ATK becomes Enhanced Basic ATK. His Enhanced Basic ATK deals four hits of DMG, with the final hit dealing additional DMG to enemies currently inflicted with Bleed.

Technique: Anticipator
Luka obtains Fighting Will after entering the battle.

Ultimate: Coup de Grace
In addition to dealing damage, Luka receives Fighting Will and there’s a chance of increasing the target’s damage received for a set number of turns.

New Light Cones

1) The Unreachable Side

2) Patience Is All You Need

New Relics

1. Longevous Disciple
2-PC: Increases Max HP.
4-PC: When the wearer is hit or their HP is consumed by an ally (Including by themselves), their Crit Rate increases for a certain number of turns. This effect is stackable.

2. Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
2-PC: Increases SPD
4-PC: When the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally (including on themselves), SPD for all allies increases for a certain number of turns. This effect cannot be stacked.

New Planar Ornaments

1. Rutilant Arena
Increases the wearer’s Crit Rate. When the wearer’s current Crit Rate is equal to or greater than a certain’s percentage, the wearer’s Basic ATK and Skill DMG increase.

2. Broken Keel
Increases the wearer’s Effect RES. When the wearer’s Effect RES is equal to or greater than a certain percentage, all allies’ CRIT DMG increases.

New Boss & Enemies

1) Phantylia the Undying

First Phase

➥ Has the power of Destruction and Abundance. In the first phase, she summons Abundance Lotuses which restore her HP and reduce the team’s Skill Points.
➥ Eliminating an Abundance Lotus recovers 3 Skill Points.

Second Phase

➥ In the second phase, she summons Destruction Lotuses. These lotuses reduce ally Max HP, and when in bloom, deal damage to a single target.
➥ When these lotuses are not in bloom, their Toughness doesn’t receive any damage. As such, you need to wait for the moment when the flowers are open to break their Weakness.

Third Phase
Materials dropped by the new weekly boss

➥ For the third phase, all skills are not revealed and you need to wait for the update to find out~

2) Yanqing

➥ Why? How? All will be revealed in the Version 1.2 Trailblaze Mission.

3) The Ascended

Ascension materials for Blade

➥ An entity be rid of burden of humanity that has remodeled itself in the way of immortality.

4) Malefic Ape

➥ Creature of indomitable size and destructive power.

New Missions

1) Trailblaze Mission

➥ Xianzhou Luofu will face a setback that threatens the whole alliance. The Trailblazer will battle the one responsible for the Stellaron disaster. Also, Dan Heng finally gets reunited with the Astral Express Crew.

2) Companion Missions

➥ 2 new Companion Missions featuring Kafka and Yukong.
➥ In “Letter from a Strange Woman,” the Trailblazer will receive a request from Kafka. As for how the Trailblazer should respond, I only have one thing to say: “When you have a chance to make a choice, make one that you know you won’t regret…”
➥ In “For I Have Touched the Sky,” an accident has occurred in Stargazer Navalia. When the Trailblazer investigates, they find a girl in trouble. Who could she be? And what secrets could Yukong be hiding?

New Events

1) Tales of the Fantastic

➥ Mr. Xiyan will give you a Protagonist Model, a kind of magical object invented by one of the scriptwriters. To unleash the full potential of the Protagonist Model, you need to accompany Mr. Xiyan into the past and visit historical battle locations. In other words, a combat event.

2) Underground Treasure Hunt

➥ Mine ancient ruins have been discovered in the Underworld of Belobog, where many rare treasures and relics are waiting to be identified. According to the senior treasure hunter Aksay, a space beneath the ruin where relics of even greater value may be found. The only thing is the road to the ruin depths is filled with all kinds of danger.
➥ Treasure hunters will need endurance, courage, and insight. If they want to succeed, it’s almost certain that the sealed areas will contain enemies. But supplementary items and key cards to other sealed areas are the secrets to progression.
➥ During exploration, Treasure Hunter can be sure to run into familiar faces Sampo.

➥ One of the rewards from this event is a rabbit chat box. In version 1.2, the message and chat box functions will be enabled for the time and you can swap between chat boxes. Safe to say that chat boxes will continue to get updates.

3) Where Are You, Mystery Trotter?

➥ Regin in Belobog has come across a new scientific research gadget, Homemade Sensor Number 223. The device is able to detect mysterious coordinates that display abnormal readings (Trotters). The Trotters drop Stellar Jades.

4) Planar Fissure

➥ In Version 1.2’s Planar Fissure event, Trailblazers that successfully challenge the Simulated Universe can obtain a set amount of double Planar Ornaments rewards.

5) Realm of the Strange

➥ In 1.2’s “Realm of the Strange” event, players that successfully challenge the Cavern of Corrosion can obtain a set amount of double Cavern Relic rewards.

New Additions

1) Forgotten Hall

➥ In Version 1.2, the brand-new Memories of Xianzhou “The Voyage of Navis Astriger” will be arriving! After clearing the “Forgotten Hall: Memories of Xianzhou Stage 1,” Trailblazers can obtain the 4-star character Yukong.

2) Simulated Universe World 7

➥ The Simulated Universe will also be receiving an update in the form of World 7 and the brand-new Planar Ornaments “Rutilant Arena” and “Broken Keel” will be added to the World 7 immersion device.

New Area

1) Alchemy Commission

2) Scalegorge Waterscape


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